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November 2nd, 2020

Page 758

Pretty quiet Halloween this year. Took the boys to the snack aisle in the grocery store and let them pick out their own candy (Evan went for the giant bag of cheese puffs, Owen was partially paralyzed by too much choice again) picked up pizza from my favourite little neighbourhood family run restaurant to take to my parents, went for a walk with Nana, came home and ate junk food. Then they had the left over junk food for breakfast. They said it was an even more fun Halloween than usual so it all worked out :) We only saw two other kids out trick or treating when we were out, though it was still a little early perhaps.
Hopefully Christmas can still be fun for them :)

Vote incentive: The other side of the Force

New design now up on Woot (I haven’t watch it yet, no spoilers! :D)



  1. Nila Foxy

    “I want a cookie”? — ok, if u say so, Crack.
    Nice to see Death use his stare again. ^^
    Whatever secret Cara has in her… It’s gonna be big trouble~

  2. T-Shaw

    Here goes nothing.

  3. Murphy

    Huh, Gay stopping Lech to say something…

    *Le gasp*

    Can it be…A love confession from gay?!
    I mean with Cara’s moods i imagine her powers are like blue diamond.
    When it’s a blood moon she has the effect of forcing out the most repressed feelings.
    I mean at least that’s my theory on it at least. i could be wrong about everything.

  4. dakaggo

    What is Lech looking at in the third to last panel?

    Also, I like that Lech took off his driving outfit when he finished driving.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, either Nerd needs to improve his perception skills or Tanked is secretly part ninja. Either way, things are picking up. Also, first snowfall for CNY- hope my fellow New Yorkers are prepared.

  6. Sterling Rodd

    “Lech, wait… Make love, not war.” :)

  7. kat

    never thought i’d say this but lech is so cute

  8. Chasey

    What’s Cracked doing? He seems to be concentrating hard on that laptop. Maybe he’s ordering cookies.

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