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August 10th, 2020

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Thanks for sharing all your stories and concerns about back to school guys. Ottawa’s numbers are getting better again, but I think caution just makes the most sense. Plus we both work from home so we have absolutely no issues with trying to find and afford child care. I was, and am still worried, about them missing out on those routines, and their peer groups, and the academics of course, but in the long term, this will hopefully be a blip on the road of their lives. We’ll live with the short term crankiness and loss of productivity (and quiet!) on our end. They have some neighbour kids in their bubble that also won’t be going, so we’ll make it work.
My thoughts are also with all the immune compromised who have no choices and live for the vaccine (hang in there Becky! We’ll see you soon!)

Vote Incentive: added some new images to me BFF tee design series: Disney ladies!

So we ran a Tanked Art caption contest on the FB page last month and Marlon Thomas’ entry made me chortle. We had to give Lorne Appleby the runner up for her prescient guess about Tank being the master of cookies :D


  1. rugibess

    Wow the Innuendo is getting blatant, lol.

  2. Nila Foxy

    *sees Gay blushing from Lech* Oh shit.. *puts on war helmet* Incoming Glech shippers! x-x
    But seriously, it’s nice to see them willing to help out. Working together~
    Yeah Evil… no surprise that you are confused. You kind of missed out on a lot of talk.
    Wonder how long this chapter has. & what the next bunch of pages will show ?

  3. Vausch

    Careful, Lech. Gay’s likely to go Joel Shumacher on the design if you keep that up.

    “It’s a classy add on like the armor the Spartans wore”


    “No. I just hate you”.

  4. T-Shaw

    Last Panel: Gay/Lech Confirmed!

  5. galatae

    Watch some of this guy’s ted talks and you’ll feel better about being home:

  6. Murphy

    Oh shit, Lech is showing actual flirting with gay?… x-x
    help i’m now dead, my shipping heart can’t handle it! <3

  7. foo foo


  8. Murphy

    Lol Gay asked for the “Magic” word Lech
    not for your “safe” word you horny bastard! :D

  9. Sterling Rodd

    GLECHformers… more than meets the eye… :)

  10. Dakaggo

    That last panel <3 Gay getting that flustered is really cute.

  11. Treascair

    … Not gonna lie, I’d actually like to see that. Also, that’s terrible, Lech. … I approve.

    I imagine Evil’s just standing off to the side like “what in the unholy heck got in the drinking water NOW?”

  12. Ali

    The flirt is confirmed

  13. Todd M Maccarone

    Holy cow… the Glech shipping is so potent, it’s downright scary… and I kinda love it! Also, Tanked deserves all the cookies.

  14. MicaXIII

    this ship is becoming more and more canon and it makes my gay heart sing<3 thank you

  15. Alex

    LOL nipples

  16. Shadowydreamer

    I may have been playing to the kids with my submission.. :D

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