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August 3rd, 2020

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So…how’s everybody feeling about school? One month to go and all the parents I’ve talked to are freaked out, and our numbers aren’t nearly as bad as what’s going on in parts of the US right now. Our board wants all kids grade 4 and up to wear their masks all day and try to distance…I don’t see that going well. But probably better than the virus fest kindergarten and up will be…It’s going to be a really weird fall :(

BUT, Glech got new outfits! So there’s that.

New summer design up on Shirt Woot (also available as a poster)


  1. richard SF

    oookay, rescue mission and I wonder who’s gonna get zapped? I’m in CA…school not a good idea.

  2. Murphy

    Gay gave lech that scarf, you can’t say otherwise.

    i could imagine it being a birthday gift and lech secretly treasures it,
    but he would rather die before letting gay or anybody know that, alpha and all that. ^^;

  3. Playing Possum

    Me: Having a bad day
    *Sees Glech content*
    Me: Now having a great day

  4. Nila Foxy

    Wow… This is the first time I’ve seen Lech happy that didn’t involve the wrong reasons~
    Awwww Evil.. Strange seeing him sad when the rest are happy. :/
    Also Tank is really happy to be in charge of cookies. X3
    . . . .3. “Peta”?! (I sure hope you know what your doing Alison)

  5. Nicole

    Hoo boy! When was the last time we saw so many bright shiny eyes in a single page? This is so fun! I can’t wait for this rescue to unfold.

    D’aww…sad little Evil.

  6. Dakaggo

    @Nila I think he’s mostly excited he gets to drive a car (stolen btw) so idk about not involving the wrong reasons…

    Also yay more glech adventures. Gay is looking both fabulous and tactical, good choice.

  7. T-Shaw

    What’s wrong Evil?

  8. Kath McGill

    If the whole kids can go back to school because its safe then why didn’t they send them back months ago rather than letting parents home school them?

    little kids under 10 do get the virus. And they are just as capable of spreading it.

    There was a discussion that in doing the school year this way, 1 percent (an acceptable number) of children would die from the virus.

    That one percent is an unaceptable number!

    Hang in there kiddo.

  9. KaeB

    I’m probably going to be wrong, but I have the strangest feeling Evil isn’t going to agree with the rescue OP and is going to at least try to be a voice of reason here. Which would only get him ostracised by the family again….

  10. YetAnotherBrian

    I am in Boulder Colorado. Kids will be going back to school but it will not be the same. Home learning 3 days a week and in class 2. All classes are split in half, so kids are in class on alternating days. A lot of parents are home schooling only. Mandatory Masks, social distancing and lots of hand sanitizer. Not sure if I am doing the right thing.

    My son is the same age as Alison’s Oldest. (wow I have been reading this weekly for the last ten years at least).

    Still think Lech is getting Tazed.

  11. Hake Feretto

    Daaaw I’m happy to see they all are aggree for save Vanity despite all he have done (even if it was done especialy for they hate him). Of course our panda still must explain himself when he’ll be at home, however for now it’s not the question, let’s save him first ! Well I don’t know what is the plan here but gid these bear realy are informed about human bizness it’s crazy XD….. with a team like that Vanity will certainly be safe for sure ^^.

    Also Cookies was the perfect mission for Tank, brain need sugar and our bear will need lot of sugar with all the informatic-infiltration they are close to do, it promise to be fun ):3. Daaaw Evil it’s rare to see you sad >~< well I hope your mood will become better when you'll be informed about the plan ! In any case good luck guys (and girlies) we all count on you for get back the little panda to his real home and family !!

  12. Todd Maccarone

    Good to see they care about Ping Pong, but I have to ask- Gay, WHAT are you wearing?!

  13. gridsleep

    You know chainsaws are full of gasoline, right?

  14. Kevin_Redcrow

    I message with a teacher in Texas and read postings by another teacher in Australia.

    From what I gather there are too many bloody STUPID parents and politicians. One parent was quoted as saying (in a virtual meeting no less) that life is a risk and the deaths of a few children and teachers was acceptable so long as the schools open again.

    A summer camp in Georgia opened to a normal session. A teen-aged counselor came to the camp infected, passed in on to 3 other counselors, who in turn infected 37 kids.

    Camp closed. Kids quarantined.

  15. Nicole

    @T-Shaw: Evil’s just coming back from saying goodbye to Vanity. So he’s sad. This should cheer him up. :)

  16. Batty

    I live in Florida and my mother is a teacher who has asthma and lives with multiple disabled people (myself included) who are at high risk. To say that I’m livid at the idea of schools reopening is an understatement. Especially since our city actually ranks in the top 20 poorest cities in the entire country and has a very high rate of covid 19. Its going to be a disaster. So many people are going to die.
    The best part is most of the parents who really want their kids in school refuse to wear masks yet they are ok subjecting their children to one for 8 hours.

  17. Jeroen

    A rescue mission on two fronts! Impressive! And smart… …something has to go wrong…
    School, yeah that’s going to be a thing. Nothing on new rules for schools in the Netherlands yet (aside from the ones already imposed), but our elected officials are on their summer break, so that may soon change.
    I’m not freaking out yet, but am worried about the current rise in new infections here (double of last week and mostly 20 somethings). We’re going to see real increases when people come back from holidays. Fall is going to be a real mess, hopefully the healthcare personel can take it, they’ve been trough a lot already.

  18. Ali

    What is gay and lech wearing?

  19. rws

    Prediction – Evil isn’t going to tell them that the target has a tazer.

    Wonder where Evil got it?

    Probably Amazon. Or a napping security guard.

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