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July 27th, 2020

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Animal Crackers is streaming on Netflix now! I got to do a little bit of character design stuff for the casting process, but my main role on this project was the kid’s tie in comic published by 01FirstSecond Books! I had an absolute blast on a super fun project and the movie itself is just wonderful :D.

Vote incentive: My current problem with trying to do a summer cut is there’s so much damn ice cream everywhere…
And you can also follow Studio Dooomcat on Patreon! Current update is a preview of Team Glech’s wardrobe change :D



  1. Nila Foxy

    Ooooooooooo… Using the power of THE INTERNET, Prozac? The Internet is a pathway to many abilities. Some would consider to be, unnatural…
    ^-^ I love this, seeing the BN bear gang coming together again for another event full of absurd doings~

  2. James

    I honestly spent the entire video looking for the kid wearing a tie. Then I figured it out.

  3. Chasey

    Okay, I finally get it and I LOVE where it’s going!

  4. Todd Maccarone

    I must say, this seems like one of Prozac’s more convoluted plans… And I love it!

  5. gridsleep

    Eating your weight in ice cream is taking a walk on Xeno’s bridge.

  6. gridsleep

    Head nod blur and head shake blur is funnier than strange floaty arrow that takes thinking about.

  7. Black Pete

    Hey Alison
    I like this turn very much. Stuff like this can save a life, actually. Could have saved mine. Yay for real friends.

  8. T-Shaw

    Operation: Save Vanity is a go!

  9. NIcole

    Oh! Everybody’s on board! This is so exciting!

  10. TaggertShare

    When it comes to Bears many Humans are ignorant. So don’t worry Sara. If all went right this wouldn’t be Bear Nuts!

  11. Murphy

    I’m Ecstatic to figure out how the bears will solve this Big problem!

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