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July 20th, 2020

Page 743

In addition to being the “Alpha”, Lech is also the most manipulatable :)
The suffix ‘able’ was in a work page in one of the twins’ summer grammar books, should have added that word to the list. So some of my neighbours are surprised I’m still making them do some “homework” during the summer. Well considering how lax the last few months of home schooling ended up being, I’m surprised they’re not trying to keep up some semblance of…something? I’m really not asking much, it’s what I would do in a normal summer-we even have some Star Wars themed math and reading books :) Evan still mixes up his Bs and Ds (lower case AND upper) and half the time the oldest one still forgets to capitalize the first word of a sentence, or the whole periods thing…. I saw an online interview with a teacher stating some research that they think the lockdown has put US students back by 7 months. My kids might be even worse, lol.
Vote incentive: summer BBQ ‘fun’ with cannibalism?


  1. Nila Foxy

    (I know you are hiding something within, Cara… ^^)
    *looks at Lech in last panel* .3. ——- THAT WAS EASY.
    Yay! Finally Death gets to do something again! :)
    Hmmmm.. I wonder where Evil is at this exact moment?

  2. T-Shaw

    Sweet! Kara’s first adventure.

  3. Murphy

    Watch it’s gonna be by the time they get everything ready, Evil and Vanity will be running back to them like: Pro fix this mess please!

    also Lech is the most manipulatable… noted, Fanfiction writers are gonna have a field day with that. Allison know’s exactly what she’s giving the fans of the comic haha! :)

  4. Nicole

    I love how Tanked is back to his old wall-eyed self now that things are going his way. <3 OMG Cara and Prozac are so cute together. I am totally shipping them. And I don't ship anyone! Haha–Lech is so transparent in that second-to-last panel. =D

    @Alison: Whew–sounds like schooling is tough going for all families right now. Sending you good wishes!

  5. LexZaiya

    That’s how an alpha bear takes charge!

  6. gridsleep

    “Summer Fun” makes me think of Ren’n’Stimpy, or maybe Cow & Chicken.

  7. fi

    the A-team music is appropiate? or there is something better?

  8. Ali

    Can’t wait to see the plan in action!

  9. Chasey

    Cara and Lech switched which side of each other they were standing on and it confused me even though it has zero relevance to what’s happening. I’m sleepy.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    That was crazy easy! …a little too easy, maybe…

  11. Dakaggo

    Lech just doesn’t want to let Gay go by himself :p

  12. Murphy

    @Dakaggo he doesn’t want to lose his source of fresh muffins :p

    also if anything happened to Gay, Marge would stomp Lech’s ass into the dirt after bitch-slapping him with her trunk. ;)

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