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August 17th, 2020

Page 747

‘Happy’ Monday yet again!
So we’ve opted to keep the kids home. So far it seems about 25-30% of the kids in our board are doing the same thing (numbers aren’t final yet). We have some close neighbours doing the same so the kids will all have something of a bubble to play with so hopefully socializing with a peer group won’t be a significant issue. I just can’t get over a lot of the attitudes about this-sure it’s lovely and warm now and they can do classes outside at school and everything’s going to be fine! Until winter? Until the first day a kid starts coughing in class and it’s maybe just a cold but now the whole cohort gets sent home and has to go get a Covid test?

This is going to be a shit show :(

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  1. Kaouse


  2. Murphy

    See, i told you that it was their safe word! :D

    also Evil is happy to participate in a life threatening plan,
    he’s an adrenaline junkie and i absolutely love it to bits! :D

  3. Nila Foxy

    “Safe word”?.. For Gay & Lech?.. *lolol* You really are trying to tease the glech shippers, aren’t you, Alison?
    XD Ok Prozac.. Cara doesn’t seem to enjoy the idea of possibly “dying”.
    I’m glad to see Evil is happy about this. Must mean this plan won’t hinder his plan?
    Also… ^^ more Death~

  4. Tux

    1) I cannot stop giggling at the interchange between Prozac and Evil. Panels 8, 9, and 12 <3
    2) The exact two words I keep saying about the incoming school year. This coming from a teacher of a school with majority going face-to-face. Siiiigh. I hope everything goes well with your little ones, though.
    3) Been lurking for a few million years here, so I just need to say that this is a phenomenal comic, and I check it religiously. Thank you for the entertainment all these years. <3 <3

  5. foofoo


  6. Nicole

    This caper is making everyone so happy! :D

  7. richard SF

    “we’re probably all going to die”, Evil going to go all out?

  8. Fleet

    “Safe word”… Oh the Glech shippers are gonna have a field day with that one.

  9. T-Shaw

    LET’S DO IT!


    After silently lurking this comic since almost page 1 and religiously reading its updates every single update day, I finally crawl from the shadows to say…

    *loud gasp at first 2 panels :O* Whoaa!

  11. Cloudy

    Oh goodness. Oh geez. Glech is happening! EVERYONE HOLD ON TIGHT

  12. Chasey

    Ha. Pro really knows how to get Evil onboard. Not that he needed it much here.

  13. Todd Maccarone

    First off, that safe word… Dear me, that’s gonna have people talking. Second, gotta love how quickly Evil goes from dejected and confused to outright happy (even in the face of certain death). That’s oddly pleasant, in a way only this comic could provide.

  14. Black Pete

    That’s why I like comics and anime. People care about each other there. They save each other.

  15. Treascair

    I can just hear the hallelujah chorus in Evil’s head~

  16. Matti

    I only found this comic this year… but I love it and I love Glech soo much

  17. Warrior of Light

    I’m neutral about Glech, but I’m waiting for Prozac/Cara to be confirmed.

  18. Ali

    These Weeks seem to be going faster, it feels like yesterday when I read the last comic page.
    Love how evil responded to Everything!

  19. Nicole

    @Tux: Glad you de-lurked! And I hope all goes well for you at school…stay healthy! *hug*

  20. MicaXIII

    WELLL that confirms it, they aren’t just getting closer, they’ve been banging for quite a while and it’s just becoming more obvious lol

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