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June 29th, 2020

Page 740

Running a caption/draw like Tank contest over on the FB page if you want to check that out :) Plus you can support us on Patreon and check out the new tee design on Woot! (sorry this is short tonight, I almost went to bed without posting due to migraine, yay! Ugh.)



  1. Tjimmy1999

    So many words said with well made drawings. It’s like he and Cara prepared for this argument.

  2. Nila Foxy

    The pictures speak powerfully… Did you make these, Tanked? Or did Ping Pong?
    Hmm… That last one. Kind of gives a feeling like– Tanked sees Prozac as a father figure.
    IDK where Tanked is getting these from. He must have had them hidden away.
    Poor Cara, you don’t know what else to say right now… I still await your secret ability.

  3. Nila Foxy

    A curious thought I had after first seeing last page. | If Tanked got so upset with Prozac. That Prozac just stayed against the idea of saving Ping Pong. That he gave the bear his first, forced out words ever spoken. & those words were— “I hate you.” | How would Prozac feel? Hearing such a thing from him~

  4. Treascair


  5. Athlone

    Damn ninjas cutting onions somewhere in my room!

  6. Dakaggo

    Not a single pic of gay for the entire pride month?

  7. Ali


    I’m really hope they work something out.

  8. masterreviewer1000

    ERRRRRRRRGH! Damn you, Tank with your limited words and emotions! I’ll kill you… with a hug!

  9. masterreviewer1000

    So much was said without even speaking. He’s made a better argument than his entire family.

  10. YetAnotherBrian

    Taking bets now, who gets Tasered while executing the rescue.

    My money is on Lech.

  11. Todd Maccarone

    I admit, both sides make compelling arguments… Also, to “YetAnotherBrian”, I’ll gladly bet that Lech gets tazered first (with a side bet on the boars or a human).

  12. MarkTheNinetailedFox

    Father figure Prozac starts out with logic but after that last picture… I know he’ll do the right thing. Also bets on lech getting tasered with a boar!

  13. Nicole


    Have we ever seen Tanked so expressive in one comic page? I love how his mind is working in panels 2 and 3. I also love how it’s like a magic sheet of paper that just keeps changing with Tank’s arguments. <3

    @Dakaggo: Alison has the story planned far ahead and due to its weekly release, it rarely hits calendar dates with holiday timing. :)

  14. connor Murphy

    I know that this whole comic tugged at the heartstrings of a lot of us,
    father figure Pro is trying so hard to explain in an argument that he can’t win.

    Tanked is baby and they’re going to mount a rescue for Ping Pong/Vanity.
    also if Lech does end up tasered i wanna see gay caring for him.

  15. Dakaggo

    @Nicole I meant as a side picture like the various father’s day pics or Halloween pics etc.

  16. admin

    @Dakaggo: On the Facebook page!

  17. Dakaggo

    Nice! You should post it on the blog, a lot of people don’t have facebook.

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