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July 6th, 2020

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Annoyed today. Went for Sunday family dinner at mom and dad’s like usual, and like usual the puppy had a great time running around the pool and barking at the kids, and jumping in to swim, getting out, barking, repeat for an hour. They all have a blast and everyone sleeps well after. Except tonight when a neighbour complained about the barking. She’s 14 months and has a lot of energy…so I guess I have to leave her at home now? Or lock her in the house when we’re outside? Not fair to her at all :( ¬†Anti-bark collars probably can’t be used in a pool…Ugh. I’m kind of mad about this. It’s not like we do it late at night and all day every day, it’s once a week in the late afternoon.

How about some happy feelings instead? Gay celebrating from last month. (Would anyone want this on a shirt? I can set it up)


  1. PlayingPossum

    I would definently appericate Gay was on a shirt ^_^

  2. Nila Foxy

    I used to hide it away, Prozac… But for better or worse, I stopped doing that long ago~
    Cara, you are truly one of the best characters in BN.. You have a way with words much like myself~

    “Ask Lech”? . . . That is the WORST idea I have ever heard! Screw him, Prozac. You don’t need his approval~

  3. Obsidian

    So Lech is the alpha! Strange to think about that, I always saw Prozac as the alpha.

    Also, I would personally love that Gay Bear on a shirt!

  4. Cameron Young

    i would buy that on a shirt
    also, i love your stuff buddy

  5. First Serpent Counts Stars

    Funny how Lech is alpha again when he’s nowhere in sight.

  6. connor Murphy

    Prozac is just so tired, i can relate because quarantine and the state of the world is leaving us all tired.

    Also Pro admitting that Lech is the alpha…that either shows immense trust in lech,
    or just shows exactly how tired prozac is from having to be the Dad friend of the bears.
    Prozac deserves a long break from being the reluctant leader of the bears.

  7. Nicole

    Lech? The alpha?? *head explodes* Well, this should be interesting. :D

    Sorry about the pupper. Neighbors can be so annoying. You guys shouldn’t have to change anything. I suppose that could be the neighbor’s Sunday afternoon nap time. Maybe every other Sunday, pup could play in the pool? Like a compromise?

  8. Treascair

    ‘Lech is the alpha’…? *slow, confused headtilt* well, that’s a piece of info I really wasn’t expecting. *Huh*.

  9. T-Shaw

    Do I smell a rescue plan in progress/
    Please tell me I’m right!

  10. Aldin

    Like others, I always viewed Prozac as the alpha. Very surprised at this.

  11. Lok

    Since when was Lech the alpha?

    Its always been Prozac, Death, Gimp, Evil, then everyone else.

  12. someguy

    on last panel, why both of em look like maniacally happy when porzac says “just ask him” ?

  13. Bri

    D: I thought Prozac was the alpha this whole time …

    (Also, your neighbour is a douchebag. How selfish and entitled they are.)

  14. maus

    Is there some way you can explain to the neighbor that she’s a puppy, and puppies need to bark? I mean, what’s next, is he going to complain about the kids being kids so you have to lock *them* inside, too?
    Dogs rarely bark for ‘no reason’. Just because we can’t understand what they’re saying doesn’t mean they’re making noise for the sake of making noise. In this case, she’s barking because she was excited and having fun. Much like any kid, she was laughing and yelling and generally conveying that ‘woohoo this is great look what I can do!’.

    Also I would advise against the use of anti-bark collars; I know they can be used safely (physical like) but the emotional repercussions for the poor pupper can be really bad. Like all ‘punishment’ based training, this can lead to anxiety issues, depression issues, and even in some cases aggression because of perceived consequences.
    And yes, since they’re electronic, they should not be used in a situation where the puppy may be getting wet a lot. That can cause malfunctions, or even painful shorts.

  15. Scrib

    Would you donate proceeds of the shirt for BLM, or is that just some addon for more sales?

  16. connor Murphy

    @Bri I thought that too honsetly with how he’s breaking up fights like a leader does.

    also Alison’s neighbor is the classic Karen that probably has a mom facebook group,
    they also probably talk with the community executive to complain about others. such entitled privledge. :V

  17. pretty_blossom

    you should consult a dog trainer regarding the dog barking – 14 months is old enough for obedience school. if you go by all those dog training shows in NG and Animal Planet, she is too excited and needs to calm down before being allowed to run around…

  18. Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo

    WOW! did not see that coming.. Lech is the alpha? I also always assumed Prozac was the leader of the group! :)

  19. Ali

    I wonder what Lech would say, though I don’t think it’ll be anything compassionate or thoughtful. Or maybe I’m underestimating him. Nah

  20. YetAnotherBrian

    Prozac is listed as the Leader in the Bios section. Is this a hint at an Alpha Showdown some time soon?

  21. Wiggly Pickle

    K k wait. So I’ve actually never even thought about the alpha thing until now, I just saw Prozac as the leader and that was it. But if Lech is the alpha, what are the roles of all the other characters?

  22. Nicole

    I wonder if there is a difference in the group between being the alpha and being the leader. That said, this might be a situation for less talk and more action. I’m just glad it’s not my decision!

    @Scrib: The Pride design with Gay and his BLM armband was posted originally as a celebration of Pride month on the Bear Nuts facebook page. Alison has previously blogged about her support of BLM. It’s not a money-grab. It’s just a thoughtful Pride design.

  23. chasey

    I kinda feel like he’s trying to “give” lech the alpha title… maybe. Because Prozac’s such a nice bear, and he knows Lech wants the title and it would make him happy.

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