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June 22nd, 2020

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Happy late Father’s Day to all it applies. Got to spend some time with my brother for his first Father’s Day (still can’t hold my niece though, we’re being careful and all…getting to smell a new baby and not hold her is tough :)

The twins turned 9 on Saturday! Time flies. I’m trying not to wallow in the darkness we’re sifting through these days; one of your amazing comments last week helped me think wider. I mentioned being worried about how the kids are handling all the bad news, but just try to imagine what parents told their kids in the fall of Rome. Lol, not in a funny way of course, but yeah. We have it good. Reminds me of the early days of lockdown and there was a couple of poignant threads about how Anne Frank had to hide silently in an attic for days, we just have to endure with our Netflix and delivery. Perspective is always instructional.

Now here’s a work related sob story: I had to design and rotate and paint 10 DIFFERENT STOCK CARS, PLUS a muscle car, PLUS a beat up stunt VW…12 cars for ONE episode. The animation gods must hate me this month. I hear there’s a bus and a tow truck in the next one…

Vote Incentive: Evil’s idea of Father’s Day.


  1. Nila Foxy

    You did not answer Cara’s question, Prozac… I’m concerned about you~
    Tanked… You really do have the biggest heart in this. Ping Vanity Jr. means so much to him..
    What will you do, Cara? What can you bring to the table?

  2. T-Shaw


  3. Treascair

    I have to admit, I really feel for Tank and Cara here… wanna just hug them both.

  4. Can never decide on a name

    Really feeling for Prozac, here. When they brought Evil back, he wasn’t expected to be received somewhere else. I wonder if he somehow found a way to pin this on the ones who are supposed to be receiving Vanity?

  5. Hake Feretto

    Prozac don’t have answer to the question here… but I know our blue-bear since years now and I know he is able to save any of you all bears ! As long he found a way to not put everyone in the shit, indeed like he said here is money and Humans involved, they can’t get out and put vanity back like that. If it happen some scientist will want study these bears, the zoo risk to close for have keep the panda and lot of things coukd happen….So here all is in Vanity’s hands, it’s to him to escape from his box and found a way to come back by himself ! You can do it ping-pong, Evil have give you all the tools for so use them, get out from this cold box of your nightmares and rush to the freedome, back with your family I know you can do it ! Of course you’ll need a bit of help for the “after” escape but I’m sure if yiu explain to everyone why you acted as a hassole they’ll understand and accept you (even if you’ll need to win-back the trust of the one you have the most hurted like Gay). In any case I can’t wait to see how all that will turn ^^, I definitivly love this comic !!!

  6. Ali

    Tank and the purple one (Oml I forgot her name) seem to be the one ones who care for vanity. Unless evil joins them~

  7. Sterling Rodd

    I have a feeling that if aliens ever come across what’s left of the Earth someday, “There’s humans and money involved” is going to be the epitaph.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    The deal is done… Poor Prozac. If you only knew what Evil had gone and done…

  9. Paul

    Yeeeeeeessssss, pile on the guilt.

  10. Nicole

    Panel 7 is Tanked bringing his ultimate powers of of sweetness to full power and then BAM…panel 8. <3 Oh, sweet boy! And his second drawing, too! PROZAC! YA GOTTA!!! TANKED AND CARA ARE TOO PRECIOUS!!


    @Nila: I think Panel 6 was the answer…as in dammit of course I would…dammit…
    @T-Shaw: RIGHT??!!
    @Sterling Rodd: Whoa. Yes. *polite golf clap*
    @Alison: Those stock cars sound like so much work!! I bet this takes just as long as hand-animation would've. Just a different way of coming at it. Also…I can't believe the twins are 9!

  11. Lok

    I respect Prozac for not lying to them and saying he would save them without pausing. It’s not an easy position he is in as a leader to make this choice. If he tries to save Vanity who knows what he would have to do to secure the safety of the rest of them to hold on to him. I can understand why he thinks it’s best to sacrifice Vanity, or anyone of them, to keep the rest of them safe. In Prozac shoes, I would do the same. Hell in Vanity’s shoes I would not expect or want rescue. But I am still sad about it. I am still holding on to Evil having a plan.

  12. Nila Foxy

    No… That was more like a- “Yes.. I know Tank”. as in He knows what the drawing represents.

  13. Alex

    Alison, how much it takes for you to make one comic of these, i really want to know

  14. Nicole

    @Alex: Right? So much work. I’m so glad she has a Patreon.
    @Nila: Hey, girl! I was reacting to his non-answer to Cara in Panel 6. :) Perhaps I misunderstood what you were responding to.

  15. Alex

    and am i the only one who watches these comics everyday like thingsinsquares, bear nuts, the oatmeal and others?

  16. admin

    @ Nicole: They’re almost 10! All my kiddos will be double digits :(
    @ Alex: it varies quite a bit by how complicated they are (lots of characters, busier backgrounds, etc.) I’d say on average about 1-2 hours to draw, 1.5 to ink, 2-4 for all the digital stuff. That’s not including the time to plan/plot/write/thumbnail each page as I kind of do that in batches.

  17. Alex

    thanks, sometimes i draw chibi anime characters like naruto(naruto shippuden, Boruto) asta(black clover) and jotaro(jojo’s bizarre adventure)i also drawed robin from the teen titans

  18. TaggertShare

    There’s nothing as sad as the tears of a clown, ‘cept when a Bear Nut is around. Cara is just so endearing to me.

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