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June 15th, 2020

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Still far from saying Happy Monday these days. The boys are fighting constantly and then they come stand over my shoulder when I’m watching news clips and want to know what’s going on, and so much of it I want to shield them from…but should I?? ┬áThe twins will be 9 this Saturday. They know they’re not getting a birthday party and they’re fine, they understand (it was a bigger deal back in April when their best friend had no birthday party and their FaceTime was a pity party about the mean virus). Now they’ve watched me watch daily death totals rise for the past two months, and now weeks of protests and rage. This morning we watched a Netflix doc on the history of plastics and how we’re destroying the environment. What a life we’re leaving for our kids. If we can’t collectively come out the other side a happier, healthier, and more accepting world then we’ve failed the next generation.

All I can do is keep up a mantra: stay safe, stay healthy, stay loving, change hearts, and minds, and policy.

I love all of you and Black Lives Matter.


  1. Nila Foxy

    Looks like the moment you mentioned about Cara showing what she’s got, is at hand. | Oh I haven’t forgotten about that, Alison.
    Look at sweet, innocent Tanked’s face… How could anyone say no to that?
    Prozac… You may be developing better, after how you were way back in ya origin. But you still have much to learn.. Your senses say “doom” but is that what your feelings say?

  2. T-Shaw

    Is Prozac going on another rescue mission?
    Please let be so!

  3. Nicole

    OMG, is that Vanity’s door sign? I’m about to cry, that’s so cute! With the little pictures of the girls and Tanked!!!

    Panel 4 is THE CUTEST.

    @Alison: Love to you, too, girl! You are amazing mom and are doing great. <3

  4. Dakaggo

    Hope we get to see some Gay for Pride month :p

  5. Dakaggo

    I hope we get to see some Gay for Pride month. :p

  6. gridsleep

    Imagine parents of 1600 years ago trying to explain to their children why the glorious city of Rome is collapsing.

  7. S.L

    I can relate to the child future part, and BLM!

    Looks like Vanity is finally getting some sleep. Maybe it’ll help with his long plane ride.

  8. Kath McGill

    I pasted a link that the 13th dr of dr who put out not long ago, directed to kids and parents regarding the virus.

    kids are pretty resilient.

    they are stressed because you are stressed and unless you tell them, its only going to get worse.

    talk to them.

    yes, ok, they are nine.

    They can handle it.

  9. Dakaggo

    Er sorry for the duplicate post, some sort of error.

  10. Jackalope Jones

    These are really scary times, and I find myself having a hard time keeping it together for my husband — I can’t imagine what it must be like with children. I totally get the impulse to shield them from what’s happening, but I also agree with what others have been saying.

    Children are more resilient and capable than we give them credit for. But you also know what they’re able to handle right now. Tell them as much as you think they can handle, but be honest with them. If they’re ready to ask the question, chances are they’re ready to hear the answer.

    I hope you and yours are as safe as you can be. We’re all in this together. <3

  11. Kevin_Redcrow

    I believe things will get better, and trust me; I have never been known to anyone to be an optimist. The epidemic and the protests are showing us how much needs to change, especially at the everyday grassroots level.

    In urban America, I have witness a steep rise in narcissistic, entitled behavior in people regardless of their circumstances, whether filthy rich, affluent middle-class, jingoistic labor, and even down-and-out homeless. This has been going on for years, and now as Malcolm X said, “The chickens have come home to roost.”

    NOW people mind where they are going when walking. NOW people apologize if they get too close physically. NOW people no longer talk Shit to those they feel superior to. NOW the symbols of an evil order which have only perpetuated generations of White Southern Resentment are coming down. NOW people are offering compassionate help to those who oppose them.

    I’m sorry that it took an Epidemic and another African-American man dying at the hands of a callous white cop, to bring these things about. But without something to ignite the greasy rags which have been piling up far too long, worse could very well occurred further down the road.

    Sorry. I’ll get off my soap box now.

  12. Ali

    I hope it’s Another rescue mission!
    Also happy pride month! Even though I’m paranoid of leaving my house for anything :(

  13. Murphy

    Cara is gonna use her ability to convince pro to go and save Vanity,
    also Dangit tank is being too cute once again!

  14. Batty

    When the El paso shooting happened my cousin son had to to have a very depressing conversation with his parents because while he and his mom are white his step father and half siblings are Mexican.

    It was devastating to him to find out people want his sibling and step father dead but it did help to explain things. Especially because all he knew at first was that his mom was terrified. He was ten and his sibs six. Explaining to the twins was a lot harder because how do you tell a six year old that there are people willing to torture children like you for coming to this country or to kill you? That the police will call ICE on you been if you are a legal citizen. None of us know how to explain that.. But due to the clunky conversations that had then the kids all understand why the blm movement is so important. They also know that the cops aren’t their friends now especially after a very racist incident that happened yo thier dad by the cops a few months back. Despite his being a legal citizen for 2 years they attacked him and tried to deport him with the twins in the truck.
    Acab indeed.

  15. Anonymous

    imagine getting political on a comic about talking cartoon bears lmao

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