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May 11th, 2020

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Monday again. We had snow off and on over the last 3 days. I guess we’re skipping summer and going right back to fall. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised. ┬áHope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day. I asked for quiet and a day with no fighting…I didn’t get it.

New design up on Woot– hibernate with a book (which I’d love to do but it’s often too damn LOUD at my house, humpf.)


  1. Nila Foxy

    Never knowing who to trust, or open up to. After so much hate, you are afraid of being hurt again in a place that never goes away… But you have some animals who care about you in the Discount Zoo, Ping Pong…
    Don’t worry… They are on the way little panda~

  2. Nila Foxy

    As I truly predicted…
    No one of the other animals ever even tried to make him feel welcomed.. Or loved.. Until he met ones like Tanked, & much later on, Evil. | Is it really asking for so much to be acknowledged ??

  3. T-Shaw

    What’s going to happen to Ping Pong(Vanity)?

  4. connor Murphy


    Okay…i get that these were Vanity’s Coping mechanisms for being constantly shipped around in a dark crate,
    learning to distance yourself from your emotions becoming cold and hostile to fight hostility.

    Some say it’s easier to detach from your emotions then deal with them, all the Anguish and self-loathing that Ping Pong feels he covers behind a mask of Vanity which is how he got his name.

    Lashing out and being hostile towards others can be seen by your Psyche as protecting and defending yourself from those that hate you and wish to cause you harm mentally, physically, and emotionally.

    These are unhealthy coping mechanisms that worked back then, but they don’t work now that he’s found friendship and belonging with the other bears…now that he’s being shipped back he lashed out at the bears yes, but to spare them from feeling the probable heartbreak of a sad goodbye to what he saw as a home.

    I understand Vanity and understand his mind now, but his actions still need to have consequences.

  5. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Hush your mouth with that last sentence…
    His actions are already suffering the consequences by being thrown in a steel crate for a start. || I imagine his arc could end with him being hugged, like with Tanked. Maybe Cara. I also imagine him saying how sorry he is.
    Something like with Baby Doll in this episodes ending->

  6. Nila Foxy

    Probably something good.. | Who knows if Alison will in fact make a way for him to stay at the Discount zoo. But one thing is for certain… Either way, Ping Pong will know that someone loves him~
    Tanked sure did.. Since day one. Heheh, that bear probably has the bggest heart in the bunch.
    & lets not forget the fact that he got to Evil too.. The guy was legit sad to see him go..

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, two things- one, I feel kinda bad for Vanity (him lashing out at others was a bit much, but I can see why he did it); two, the Woot design is flipping adorable! Love it!

  8. connor Murphy

    @Nila Foxy
    this may be because of Persona 5 royal being released, but now i’m trying to imagine if Vanity had a palace
    what would it be like… I feel like it’d be the dark crate and the distortion would be a chinese temple with him as a shogunate

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