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May 18th, 2020

Page 734

This page was fun, kind of a montage/vignettes/what’s the difference between those two? But I’m otherwise slumping a lot today (Sunday when I upload this) and I can’t imagine Monday will be much better. Maybe it’s the last couple months starting to drag on me, maybe I’m just tired. ┬áMy little niece was born last Wed which was so exciting, but I can’t really just go over and hold her. Hopefully soon, Ontario’s numbers aren’t bad, but there’s the fear in the back of your head and it’s just not worth it if she were to get sick :(

Anyone have any good news or stories to share in the comments? We could probably all use some cheering up by now.

And coffee is not really my thing, but this little guys face is mine these days…dramatic sigh. (get the design at Neato Shop)


  1. Nila Foxy

    Much like myself little Vanity… At some point the caring just stays going down…
    Tanked… Wonder what makes him have such a big heart.
    You even got to Evil… Who at first hated you the most, probably.
    & how sweet… Even Gimp got to him.
    Just keep waiting a bit longer Ping Pong… Someone is coming to help you.

  2. connor Murphy

    Alright…i’ll say it Vanity has moved up slightly from second worst character. (won’t say worst because of being comment lynched.)

    I went from despising Vanity, to sympathizing for him, to pitying him,
    and to now understanding him as a new problematic fave.

  3. masterreviewer1000

    And now knowing of his backstory, it totally gives him a reason to be an asshole in the past (though it doesn’t).

  4. Treascair

    … I never thought I’d feel sympathy for the little shit, but damn if I actually do feel sorry for him. Geez… to finally kinda fit in, in a weird way, and have it all yanked out from under you.

  5. Kath McGill

    Spring has sprung.

    We will adapt, learn and move on.

    Hang in there kiddo

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