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May 4th, 2020

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Damn loud children damaging my calm and I’m stuck here with them… the parallels are so eerie (and again, this arc was written long before all this lockdown stuff started!)

So my first little niece is on the way on or around May 15th :) Unfortunately the baby shower got cancelled but I did do some art for the nursery. Didn’t get to show it off at the party so I’ll post it here as this week’s vote incentive (it’s too cute, and I can’t wait to meet her!!!) Plus, I do stuff like this for commissions as well when I have time! ¬†Click on the commission tab above for more info.

Anyone missing hugs? Here’s a (suitably May the 4th) hug for you :D (get it on a tee from Neato)



  1. connor Murphy

    alright…this is a pitiable backstory for Vanity,
    i truly feel pity for him because this was his childhood.

    no child should ever have to be locked away in the cold,
    wondering if this is all your life will be..that kind of stuff messes up a kid.

    that’s all that i can say without making things uncomfortable.

  2. Nila Foxy

    Being the star attraction.. Is less hurtful than complete isolation.
    But it’s so “hollow”… & these human children are nothing more than noises & faces~
    I know he misses some of the other bears. Especially Tanked.. Don’t worry Ping Pong, you won’t have to be in a cold, dark box for much longer~

  3. Dust My Broom

    This is so sad. At least for a little while he had Tanked.

  4. Dust my broom

    This is so sad. At least he had Tanked for a little while.

  5. T-Shaw

    Last panel: he would survive?

  6. Nicole

    Lil’ Ping Pong needs his mama!

    @Alison: Goodness! That art for your niece is too precious! <3

  7. Athlone

    I guessed that he had a psychological reason to act out, despite Nila Foxy saying he deserved to be kicked out

  8. connor Murphy


    I mean…yes he had a reason, but that’s no excuse for how he treated everyone and acted.
    i heard someone on a video once say shitty experience isn’t an excuse to be a shitty person and i agree.

    even though Vanity had a reason for acting out and being spoiled little crap,
    that still doesn’t excuse his actions and how he handled it unhealthy coping mechanisms.
    I’d say that if Vanity does get his most plausible redemption/rescue he’s got a Lot of mistakes to fix and start building trust with the bears once again, Prozac especially since he’s the most accepting usually.

  9. Nila Foxy

    Excuse me?
    Have you not been keeping up with my comments the last dozen pages or so? | Cause that is not how I really feel about him~

  10. Nila Foxy

    @Dust my broom

    He will get to have Tanked again. Whether a brief moment, or for many years to come.

  11. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    & that’s part of why it hurt so bad that he couldn’t say bye to Tanked.. Out of all them bears, he was the only one who welcomed him with open arms. | The closer something is to ones heart the more it hurts to lose~

  12. Todd Maccarone

    The more of Vanity’s backstory is revealed, the more I pity the little guy…

  13. Ali

    Poor thing ;-;

  14. Urago

    So I suppose that confirms Vanity is an adult, given he’s shown as a cub here. Thought he was a kid.

  15. YesAnotherBrian

    I was watching Mandolorian just last night with my son.

    Bad Baby Yoda, No force Choke Friends, NO force choke Friends

  16. bokkun

    @Dust My Broom

    might want to change your avatar there.

  17. TailaBlu

    I was thinking he was a teenager or early-teenager in bear-years or something, especially since his ideal woman is still a mother figure.

  18. Briggs

    @bokkun Oh man if you added the word buddy at the end combined with your avatar it would have been perfect.

    @Dust My Broom whats with the porn avatar anyways?

  19. DarkSpyro92

    Typo in the second to last panel. Screaming not Screming.

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