Page 700
September 16th, 2019

Page 700


I had originally planned approx 1000 (10 main character arcs over 10 books) so it’s not quite the end or anything, and yet, I’m kind of amazed I’ve done this much.  Between the kids and the career my life now is waaaay busier than when I started this project (obviously) but I’m hanging in for now :). I do really want to run a Kickstarter for Book 3 (and beyond since there’s finished material for like Book 4/5/6/7 now…holy crud) but I have that typical creator anxiety that it will just flop.  It will be a small run if we do, that’s for sure.  I don’t get to cons anymore, I can’t store boxes of unsold books in my basement, etc.  But I want copies for me at least, and the few of you hard core BN fans who still message me every once and awhile demanding more books :). You guys rock/and are annoyingly persistent.  SO, I’m looking into running a KS campaign this year/ early next year.  There’s just lots of details to iron out as I’m in Canada and there’s no way I can do the shipping stuff to the US, ALL of the budget will go to postage fees :(

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  1. connor Murphy

    so Gay drinks to relieve stress…that cant be healthy.

  2. Bri

    I’m 100% supporting you on Kickstarter! I’ve followed you for so long — as plenty of us have — and to not help you in any way I could would just be … abysmal. O ___ O I want to see these books and your dreams to come to life! <3

    I can't wait for it, eeeeee! <3

  3. Giffy

    Gay’s got to have an arc where he learns from Tank to be a proper alcoholic.

  4. Vausch

    Can’t help but imagine it was like that old Family Guy bit.

    “Gay you might want to slow down on the wine”

    -It’s only my second glass. *slurps from a big gulp cup*

  5. SmoochsPLH

    First off, congrats on 700 pages! Thank you for continuing to update this wonderful comic whilst you deal with life’s regular hassles! I love reading it and can’t wait for new pages.

    Oh goodness Gay’s a big drinker…Gay arc? OwO

  6. Ali

    Am I the only one thinking that why gay had so many wine glasses? Plus he looks more sick then having an overhang. P.S why does everyone look like there a bit fatter, just look at Lech in panel 10? (Not that it’s so important.)

  7. Michael Sirius

    Oh wow, congratulations on 700 pages. I was just thinking the other day of how long it’s been since I started reading this comic. Wow, how the time does fly

  8. Michael Sirius

    Also, I love and cherish every single one of Gay and Lech’s interactions and wanted you to know this

  9. Treascair

    Okay, interest piqued. If the problem’s that obvious that Lech notices…

  10. Asthexiancal

    I WILL buy a third book. Like I bought the first two already. <3

  11. Asthexiancal

    … And of course, CONGRATZ for the 700th, thanks a lot for entertaining us with these silly and wonderful stories ^^ ^^

  12. Todd Maccarone

    700 pages… fine job so far. As for Gay, man- who figured he was such a lush?

  13. Sterling Rodd

    Let me get this straight. LECH is calling GAY an alcoholic? A guy whose bed is practically a pile of beer cans?

  14. gridsleep

    The leafy wind picture makes me sad. I didn’t realize what it was about until I saw the title. I’m slow in the morning.

  15. N0083rP00F

    Just an idea to throw your way with respect to shipping – do the opposite of what newegg and amazon have done before going so far as setting up a distribution warehouse here. That is prepare everything as per normal then bulk ship to someone in the states who will take it all to the post office for regular parcel post. I know of some publishers already having something similar setup. I would not recommend the contractors who do this exclusively since most are as shady as a cave and fly by night as a swarm of bats.

    Question – would you consider a hardbound anthology of everything in one book in a larger slipcase format?
    I am looking at my PvP and GWS volumes and your would be the best accompaniment on the shelf.

  16. Kath Mcgill

    Save your money!
    Publish through Amazon, they still do hardback books and its a print on demand.

    You do have to pay for the isbn but its a nominal fee and they send the money to your paypal Account.

    It took my hubby all of an evening to upload the book I wrote and it was super easy.

  17. connor Murphy

    why do i get a weird feeling this will end in a contest and both of them passed out from drinking and ending up in the same bed?

    it just seems like a joke that Alison would go for.

  18. Nicole

    Poor Gay! But those two are pretty adorable together. :)

    What an accomplishment, Alison! I would sure support your Kickstarter. And build that postage cost into the cost of the book. You shouldn’t be paying that, imo.

  19. rugibess

    gay is starting to look like palpatine in that last panel

  20. connor Murphy

    @rugibess yes, harness your anger…kill him, Do it.

  21. Davenport

    I just became a Patron! So happy to support the comic and your future. Congratulations on 700 pages, here’s to a thousand more!

    Depending on how the Kickstarter campaign goes, you might find yourself where there’s enough interest in Book 3 that you could ship to US (or even worldwide)! Don’t count yourself out; Just put the Kickstarter up and hope for the best! We all love you Alison and what you are doing here!

  22. NotAnotherZeroFan

    Congrats on 700!! :)

  23. maninblack

    Congrats on 700

  24. Mazz

    Totally would share and pledge on kickstarter!!!

  25. connor Murphy

    i’m curious to see how this next page goes.

  26. connor Murphy

    anyone remember tank’s arc with the wrestling.

    i kinda want to see something like that again, it was a fun-light hearted adventure.

  27. connor Murphy

    Ah yes, their first spout as friends with benefits before they become a couple.

    anyone else agree with me on this?

  28. T-Shaw

    We get the joke Lech.

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