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September 9th, 2019

Page 699

Did a 4 hour knife defence seminar at the dojo on Saturday, could barely draw that night cause my right arm was still throbbing, ha!  My training partner and I are nuts; I think the guest instructor probably thought so too :)

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  1. rugibess

    Curious, is this going where I think it is?

  2. Tjimmy1999

    Last two panels: Seems Lech likes what he sees.

  3. connor Murphy

    Gay has morning sickness?

    that would happen from a hangover.

  4. connor Murphy

    also the title Evil Jr. it makes me anxious.

    Vanity is like a miniature version of evil so it could just be that?

    Did…did Vanity spike gay’s drink with something to make him sick, and if so with what?

  5. connor Murphy

    regardless of what happened last night, Lech seems to be checking gay out.

  6. rugibess

    Hey Evils off the couch, good!

  7. T-Shaw

    Just a hangover, Gay. But this new comic should be interesting.

  8. Michael Sirius

    It would seem that Lech hates to see Gay leave, but loves to watch him go

  9. connor Murphy

    @T-shaw i’m more concerned about what gave gay the hangover.

    i mean if he only had three glasses of his signature appletini that he drinks.

    so…either gay’s a lightweight, or some-bear spiked his drink.

    *Cough-Cough* Vanity *Cough*

    i mean…think about it Vanity has the biggest grudge against gay,
    with how often their differences clash, wouldn’t put it past Vanity to spike his drink for revenge.

  10. connor Murphy

    @T-shaw Granted though i’ve never drunk in my life and
    have no-idea how much alcohol is in gay’s usual drinks.

  11. ShennyNerd

    I’m more concerned about why Lech is watching porn in the living room.

  12. Ali

    It seems gays having an overhang or experiencing the aftermath of poison drinks! What scares me is that es chapters name evil or. Is it referring vanity or ga— what’s left looking? What’s he watching? Is it toy story 4?

    @shennynerd probably is but…. yeah he is.

  13. Mr Holiday

    Seconding why Lech is watching LEWDS in the living room.

  14. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, the title of this new chapter has me worried, but I’m also curious as to what Lech is looking at in that last panel.

  15. Nicole

    Zee plot thickens…

  16. Michael Sirius

    Oh my God, so he turned away from his straight porn to stare at Gay’s backside then?
    Well well well

  17. SmoochsPLH

    Firstly that last panel…Lech x Gay canon???
    And I think I have a good guess of what this plot is so far, but I’m not gonna say anything.

  18. SmoochsPLH (the sequel)

    Also that title panel…that’s a really good Evil, I love his expression!

  19. connor Murphy

    @Michael Sirius, The day that Lech became a swinger. XD

  20. Chasey

    I dunno. Lech’s expression seems shocked or concerned. I really want to know what he sees that we probably haven’t gotten to see yet.

  21. S.L

    Anyone else get anxiety from this page?

    Is this shipping?
    Is this Mpreg?
    Is this food poisoning?

    Haven’t been this invested in years.

  22. connor Murphy

    @S.L it’s shipping.

    Lech is gonna take care of a sick gay and it’ll be cute ;3

  23. Dakaggo

    @S.L lol if they mpreg the gay character I’m going to rage. Might be a red herring though where they think it’s that.

  24. connor Murphy

    @Dakaggo, i mean…we don’t know for all we know Gay could be trans?

    It would explain a lot i’m just saying, though that’s probably not the case.

  25. connor Murphy

    @Michael Sirius Lech noticed that gay a bit Thicc, he like what he see.

  26. connor Murphy

    Lech’s face the last panel: ah yes, return of the why-boner…with a Vengence!

  27. Hake Feretto

    Hmmm ghe last pannel is confusing, I’m most feel Lech react at the sentence “your snake is so loooong” and he seem looked at his own leg-between and a coincidence Gay pass just at this instant so I think it’s a gag frop Alison there . Realy Lech’s eyes pointing at his own legs there > w>… plus the fact he seem “Shocked” justyfy even more my feel he just react about the movie. And if I have false maybe he is shicked to see Gay wear cloths he have never see him wear before well free to all to imagin what they want here UwU !

  28. connor Murphy

    wait…is Gay still drinking the water even though it made them sick?

    granted it’s the only water they have but still…he’s just gonna get worse if he drinks the water.

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