Page 698
September 2nd, 2019

Page 698

Warm fuzzies page!  And school starts tomorrow!!  I’ve so missed the quiet, the lack of arguing, the absence of fighting, less pee on the floor in front of the toilet… it’s the little things in life, lol.

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Vote incentive: the predictable result of horror movie night :)  I admit it’s not my fav genre and I’ve seen some of a lot of horror movies, but very few have I gotten all the way through!


  1. T-Shaw

    Hooray, a happy ending for Evil.

  2. Nonsens

    How did Death end up sitting alone in the corner?

    Rest of bears is positioned perfectly. Especially Gay :)

  3. Dakaggo

    Will the Glech teasing never end?

  4. connor Murphy

    Gay and lech keep reaching for popcorn at the same time,
    their hands brushing up against each other…feeling the warmth of the touch.

    Gay looked up at lech and blinked before looking back at the movie,
    hiding a faint blue blush on his cheeks, lech unconsciously snuggling up to gay.

    the unintentional cuddling was sudden, but not unwelcome as gay leaned his
    head against lech’s chest hearing it thump loudly against his ear’s and blushing.

    I’m not apologizing for the Glech teasing with my comment. :p

  5. connor Murphy

    also d’aww…Death is in footie pajamas and is all cute looking. :3

  6. Abdiel

    All of the bears except for Vanity because he is a rude boi.

  7. connor Murphy

    @Abdiel i will agree with you in that regard, Vanity is…high maintenance.

  8. Treascair

    I want to give Tanked headpats, he’s so cute. And Gimp looks hilarously unimpressed. Though, considering the previous arc, I can’t say I’m surprised there.

  9. Hake Feretto

    This last pannel is perfect I couod use it as background on my pc X3 all the bears are so cute and Death’s presence was realy unexepted ! Thanks gir have done an happy ending for our little Evill even if all will certainly back to normal in the next arc.. well maybe some changment in Evill’s actions because he still want disciver whi have poison them and now all the bears are on the adventure ( exept for Vanity that will maybe have his origin arc soon ? The moment could be perfectly choose after this arc)

    So now I hope all the bears will work together and resolve this event for punish the misterious figure behind….

  10. Hake Feretto

    Ho also I have forgot to mention that for once Evill’s face is full honest with a real happy smile and not something for hide his real intent , we see it in his eyes he is realy happy and don’t wait anithing in back , now we’ll certainly see a lonly Vanity alone in his room and maybe crying or Angry at see this cutie last pannel

  11. Ali

    I missed pages like this for a while now, it’s not everyday you see a gang of bears watching a movie altogether! At least we saw what crack did for evil. And guess it was only reasonable to bring death alongside with them. Oh and the End sign doesn’t have a question mark at the end of it. Which means that only happens when it ends on a cliff hanger or a bad ending.

  12. Todd Maccarone

    This is definitely one of the sweeter pages of late. Good to see something of a happy ending! Shame Vanity isn’t part of the group photo, but no family is perfect.

  13. Bri

    This is perfect, PERFECT! <3 B'aaaaw.

    I'm SO glad Death showed up, hee hee! It sucks he's sitting kinda alone though. D: I love that Pro poured beer on the popcorn for cutie Tanked too! And Lech + Gay … they're bounded for life. :b

  14. Chasey

    Holy crepes, this is SO CUTE.

  15. Michael Sirius

    I imagine that Death is trying to resist the urge to cuddle Gimp after what happened in Page 603 (even though, it seems like Gimp could really use it)

    Wow, literally all the bears came out except for Vanity huh?

    One thing I really appreciate is how much more often Gay and Lech are together compared to earlier on in the comic. I’m really looking forward to their chapters, which now that I think about it, iirc, they’re the only one of the original bears not to have their own stories told yet (or maybe Vanity, Sara, and Cara have had theirs told, which would make the two of them just last). Saving the best for last huh?

  16. SmoochsPLH

    Awwww, they’re all together (except the brat Vanity ;w;’)!!! So cute! Thank you for making Evil happy!

    Also, AHHH GAY AND LECH!!!

  17. Urago

    Cara looks cute in Panel 2. ^^

  18. gridsleep

    Are Prozac and Cara holding hands out of sight? Or is it Sara? I don’t know which is which. PM.

  19. connor Murphy

    hey all bear nuts fans, quick survey

    who ships this: *pulls out a pic of Gay and lech snuggling*

    what about this: *shows the scene of Gimp and Death cuddling*

    now how about this: *shows Pro and Sara’s interactions*

    type a 1, 2, 3 and a ye or nah next to the number to vote.

  20. Michael Sirius

    1 absolutely
    2 I had shipped it for so long, that picture was like vindication
    3 …

  21. connor Murphy

    @Michael sirius if your confused about something please tell me.

    btw Sara is the purple one, not the pink one.

  22. Vausch

    Given the bdsm subtext of Hellraiser, I completely see why Gimp is so enamored.

  23. connor Murphy

    @Michael Sirius, i just realized that the purple one is Cara and the pink is Sara.

    it’s been ages since they were introduced and i’m still mixing up their names! :V

  24. Nicole

    Awww…Death in his cuddle suit! :) Everyone looks so adorable.

    I just love Evil’s face in panels 1 & 3 with his honest, big bright eyes. :’)

  25. N0083rP00F

    Just one lil’ question.
    Did the monkeys contaminate the water and just passed the blame on the lions?

  26. Solario Visored

    I really think this is what Evil needs and has needed for a while: To know that he doesn’t need to be “on” every second of the day. Like how Lech isn’t ALWAYS a macho jerk, Death isn’t ALWAYS a gloomy moper, and even Crack can manage to chill out lately. Evil’s allowed to just lay back and be part of the fam without it being part of one of his schemes. Leave the hair remover in the shampoo for tomorrow; today, just Netflix and chill. :)

  27. Bryana Corrigan

    aww, wholesome stuff and a happy ending for Evil :D

  28. connor Murphy

    weird question: which of the bears do you think crack would work well with in a ship?

    friendship, romantic, simple bonding?

  29. New Guy

    @connor Murphy We’ve already witnessed proof that he’s eternally grateful to Evil (resident GERMAPHOBE offering a BACKRUB). I think there’s potential for a good friendship with Death since he does like to see him happy. A better explanation of Death’s powers, and how they relate to potential diseases, might help.

  30. Dakaggo

    I still want to see that backrub! Evil deserves a backrub!

  31. TagertShare

    The Bears are acting more like a Family Unit. Albeit an often dysfunctional one. Love this ending. The last panel would make for a great Family Portrait.

  32. donutguy640

    Is Gimp eating out of Gay’s favorite mixing bowl? Y’know, the one Lech just used to clean the piss off his foot?

  33. Nila

    This is my fav. “END” page so far~
    So much love in 1 room ^^

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