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August 26th, 2019

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Group photo/therapy session :)

And ONE MORE WEEK TILL SCHOOL STARTS!!  I’m so happy, bring it on!  Though it always takes me a few weeks to get back into the swing of making lunches, ugg.

I actually got some time to work on shirts this weekend, it’s been awhile!  Lots of fun Marvel news over the last month (except for Spiderman??) so I updated my BFF design:

Shirts at Neatorama, shirts/tanks/mugs/pillows/etc at Teepublic.



  1. shennynerd

    Gay is wearing the kimono im love

  2. connor Murphy

    @Shennynerd i know right, that’s so cute!

    also lol Lech is so proud that he helped make the muffins. ;)

  3. connor Murphy

    wait, if Lech poured the batter into gay’s muffin tin and then they put it in the oven.

    Doesn’t that make Lech the “Muffin Man” ;)

  4. Tjimmy1999

    Everyone’s seems to be here besides Death and Vanity. Vanity’s obvious, but where even is Death?

    @connor Murphy You’re just all kinds of innuendos.

  5. connor Murphy

    Tjimmy1999, yeah that was the idea for a innuendo joke.

  6. Treascair

    Okay, Evil KNOWS something’s up… and I’d guess he doesn’t like it.

  7. Michael Sirius

    Gay and Lech have spent so much time together recently and I how that energy never goes away

  8. connor Murphy

    I would say that crack is being unreasonable with the whole “Don’t bleed on my pillow thing”

    but have you ever tried cleaning blood stains out of clothes or pillowcases?

  9. Nicole

    Awww…all the feels! <3

    @Tjimmy1999: Death is an enigma. He could be out on a walkabout for all we know. He hasn't really been part of this arc. I'm sure he does care, but he's such an introvert that he may not even be around right now. OR, or he's on a secret mission…

  10. Nicole

    Oh, the cuteness of Panel 1! I love all their different expressions and postures. :) And Evil in the last panel…so surprised. <3

  11. Ali

    Omg how adorable are the bears in panel 1, also evil looks so surprised in 2 and 10. please don’t bleed on it
    ~crack panel 4
    Gays kimono matches Sara’s tutu, when did she start wearing a tutu?

  12. chasey

    Sara’s had a skirt since day 1, actually. She just doesn’t always wear it.

  13. Todd Maccarone

    Now, this is the kind of solidarity we need in this world! Gotta love how the bear family is all there… Except for Vanity, and Death (for some reason). So sweet!

  14. T-Shaw

    All of this for Evil? It’s a nice change.

  15. Calmerheart

    I love the last panel! Evil is just so shocked and the little teddy bear is so darn cute. Although I have wonder were death is?

  16. Dakaggo

    I love this but I’m sad that Lech and Gay were baking together and we didn’t get to see it.

  17. Beka

    Aaaaawe!! <3 <3 <3

  18. connor Murphy

    evil is shook that the others care for him.

    also alison, keep giving us more fuel for our ship please ;P

  19. Warchief Lok

    I can just hear Gay in the first panel.
    “Hows our hero?”
    Like a mom.

  20. richard SF

    Now Evil is worried….

  21. connor Murphy

    @Warchief Lok “Hows our hero, your father and i baked you muffins.” “they’re your favorite flavor my little hell-muffin”

    i can legit see gay being a mother to Evil and Lech is the dad, which would explain a lot.

  22. Smoochs

    Aw, Evil’s little face in the last panel!!!

  23. Kae

    I just, I must be getting so jaded in my old age, cause i just CANT shake the feeling that Evil is playing them.

  24. gridsleep

    I feel the same way whenever people want to do something nice for me. What are they trying to pull?

  25. CorvusCorone68

    @Ali i don’t think it’s a tutu, it looks like a skirt with pleats to me

  26. Bix

    Feels like I’m actually watching a Care Bears episode.

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