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August 19th, 2019

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Two weeks left till school!! Lol.  Can’t wait!  Will miss the summer weather but I’ll die for the quiet I miss so much.  Plus with how we’ve apparently messed up this planet the summer weather seems to be lingering longer and longer into the fall…have we permanently changed where the seasons fall?  Spring was cold and wet this year, more than usual.  Are you guys finding differences in weather patterns in you areas?  Am I imagining it?  We’re pretty fortunate to be generally free of any fierce storm activity, though parts of Ottawa and Quebec are getting worse and worse flooding in the spring.

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  1. connor Murphy

    So…evil feels like he failed trying to protect them.

    he’s like the douche older brother that is sweet deep down inside, i don’t care what ya’ll say that’s cute!

  2. Hake Feretto

    Hehe I have a feeling we’ll see all the bears togethers in the next page ! And haww seriously Evil is adorable on each pannel and this feel he have to have failed to protect his family… I don’t care what people think about our Albinos bear but I love him even more now and he was already my favorite in all. Like xhat he is realy more and more concern by others so he’ll probably change in his way to do things with them. But I’m happy to see he still have his strong personality and he not let fall just because he have fail, prouf he still searching about the poison.

    We’ll maybe see who is behind all that in the next Arc I realy hope our bears will found him soon !

  3. T-Shaw

    Am I looking at a different side of Evil?

  4. Ali

    Poor thing , it brings sorrow to think that evil had to admit it to tanked that he failed. But i dont see why the responsibility should be on him? Just good to know that tanked still loves him (as a friend unlike crack).

  5. Treascair

    Sometimes, you just need someone to listen. And sometimes, it’s the asshole big brother who torments you that turns out to be a decent guy under all the bastard-flavored outer crust.

  6. alexazel

    aww, poor Evil :) just trying to help….

    and no, you’re definitely not imagining that the weather is changing, and it’s not for the better either. Had a few unusually hot summers in a row here in Europe, plus torrential rainfall in a quantity not seen before. Not much snow either, so at least that is kind of an improvement when driving to work ;)

  7. Kath Mcgill

    So I seriously thought evil might just pull the head off of the bear. Then I thought, well, he would do it with Nerds toys, but Tanked never harmed anyone. Well he only got scary once….

    Who else would have motive? Against Evil, most of the zoo animals.
    Against the bears? If it was about the meat then any of them that are meat.

    But this being the discount zoo, my bet is the staff got sloppy with the plumbing.

    Now on to the weather.

    Its complicated. The earth goes through cycles. 25 years or so for it to oscillate between peeks of high and low. Then you get a volcano to throw ash up and it messes things up.

    In Ohio, the usual number of tornados is 6 in a year.

    They have had over 50 so far. Earthquakes too, but most of that is from fracking.

    In my life time I have seen wind chill as low as 70 degrees below 0
    Snow fall so deep it completely buried cars and januarys so warm it was 70 above.

    Flooding in areas that got 7 inches of rain in an hour.
    Stuff is going to happen. It always does.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    I’m glad to see Evil’s nice side, but he does raise a concerning point- whoever is really behind the poisoning is still out there and is playing the whole zoo (presumably) like a ten-cent kazoo! Wonder who the mastermind really is…

  9. Bri

    <3 !!!

  10. Eddie

    Quite poignant. Evil may have a softer side, but he isn’t called Evil for nothing. That said, one of the best things about this comic is the ongoing growth of the characters.

  11. Franfran

    Yeah, it was a cold wet spring! I’m hoping for a long warm fall because my melon plants have hardly set fruit yet.

  12. Paul

    See? He’s a good kind of evil. lol

  13. Nicole

    Aww, Evil. Those big, red eyes. It’s hard to ask for help when you’re used to doing everything yourself. So who is speaking in the last panel? Cara? Prozac? Whoever it is, I think the zoo is in for full-force bear A-Team!

    Panel 4 = best friend ever!

  14. connor Murphy

    @Nicole my bet is for Crack in the last panel to be talking to evil.

    after the whole Psycho crack incident, i like to think that crack and evil grew closer.
    Crack got to see how evil lives with people afraid of him, and Evil got to show that he cares for others “specifically crack” in that arc.

  15. N0083rP00F

    @Nicole – This is the discount zoo and our pugnacious ursines cunning plans usually are not so at best they would be The B-Team. [notsorry]

    @Kath – all good observations.
    I liken the weather to a huge pot of soup on a very low simmer where one person just turned up the flame and someone else decided the usual slow stir is boring and is using the Cuisinart to do the mixing on slow and another helpful hand just upped the mix speed.
    Yeah Fracking in the hands of MBAs who look at a quick few million and figure the negative costs will be born by someone else is a real problem. Unfortunately the regulators have been bought and paid for and the monitoring agencies relegated to either muzzled puppies or corporate shills. Sadly that model goes for most of the larger industries that have market capture. {I’m looking at you ATT&T}

  16. Kae

    … Evil was the one who poisoned the water, wasn’t he?
    He’s as brilliant as Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes and no doubt staged EVERYTHING.
    I’m with Vanity on this one, Evil’s doing it on purpose.

  17. Solario Visored

    Okay, as long as he didn’t have reason to believe anyone else was in the room but Tanked when he made this “confession”, I can’t help but believe Evil is being legit. Since Tanked is, for all intents and purposes, mute (and frequently loopy with drink), he’s the perfect character for anyone to be sincere with and get things off their chest. He’s not gonna tell anyone you’re being nicer than you like to show, and nobody’s gonna put up with the drunken game of charades it takes to understand him trying to convey the idea. Therefore, if Evil’s just talking to Tanked here, feeling compelled to admit his frustration to someone, it feels honest.

    We have seen in previous arcs that Evil does care about the others, at least to some degree, and has been getting better at showing it through actions, if not words. If he wants to root out the source of the poisoning (even if only to stop a potential rival for harassing the others or some other not-entirely-altruistic motive), he obviously isn’t going to default to asking for their help, as they’ll just assume this is some twisted game he’s playing. They had to discover/deduce for themselves that he was being sort of a hero…and being bad at it, since it’s not his usual thing.

  18. Michael Sirius

    That soft smirk in the last panel of the top row…my man should smile more, it’s cute

  19. Nila

    I still believe Evil is trying harder to be there for his new family.

    & @Kae…. ,,i,- yours~

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