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August 12th, 2019

Page 695

Puppy training is…going on I suppose.  We had two days in a row with no accidents, and then she peed on the floor three times on Sat (one of those times was on Jim’s foot as he was meal prepping.  Not sure what that was about).  Three steps forward!  Two steps back.  Still herds the kids around and thinks she’s above them, lol.  With all the summer break time off to fight with eachother… I tend to agree with her!  Even when she pees on the floor :P

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  1. connor Murphy

    Vanity has a napoleon complex confirmed. X3

  2. connor Murphy

    why, do i feel like Vanity is the way he is because he was the runt and he was neglected, causing him to be vain and think that the world should revolve around him.

  3. Tjimmy1999

    I’m not convinced that it is a good idea to give Evil what looks like a voodoo doll of Tanked.

  4. connor Murphy

    @Tjimmy1999 as long as it doesn’t have any of tanks fur, it should be just a normal doll.

  5. Treascair

    Tanked offering Evil a plushie is *adorable*.

    … and there’s something beautiful about Evil seeing Tanked and SMILING at him. Dang, that’s cute.

  6. filiasnox

    Vanity feel betrayed? i think he was starting to think to evil as a friend before he knoked him to avoid be eaten alive by the lions.

  7. chasey

    I think that was the doll Sara said that Evil made for Tanked. I doubt it’s a voodoo doll, but we know he already knows how to make those, so it might just be that every doll he makes ends up looking kinda like that. Either way, this is SO freaking cute.

  8. Ali

    Gays uncalled for metor: 75% leches being protective about his peers 80% vanity looking like an emo in panel 6 99%. LoL what am i doing in my life? Can i just say, evil looks cute in panel 11. Cant wait for what the others are planning!

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see that Tanked is willing to help out… As for Vanity, his Napoleon complex was kinda obvious- not fully pronounced, but it was there (if you knew where to look).

  10. gridsleep

    I expected Vanity to haul back and try to kick Lech in the crotch, and miss, and land on his ass. And then scream. Maybe there weren’t enough panels. Would’ve been funny.

  11. connor Murphy

    all i’m hoping for is a cute scene of gay and lech baking cookies and bonding.

  12. T-Shaw

    Seriously Vanity?!!!

    The less supportive of the group can sometimes be a dick.

    (And sometimes right).

  13. connor Murphy

    oh by the way, wtf’s wrong with short people huh lech?

    your fragile alpha status make you feel better by picking on little guys?

  14. Tjimmy1999

    @connor Murphy He’s got a masculinity problem. This isn’t new.

  15. Michael Sirius

    That look from Evil in the third to last panel…wow, it’s so soft, I love it

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