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August 5th, 2019

Page 694

Loving summer vacation!  Could use less of the vacation part, lol.  Kids spend too much time fighting.  I’d love, LOVE if we switched to a different holiday schedule, like in Japan. I think they have maybe one month off for the summer?  And two two week breaks?  The boys are in a camp this week, but then nothing else for the rest of the summer… besides driving me insane.

Oh and work is nuts so I don’t even really have  an easy time trying to slot in lots of time to entertain them. And then there’s the puppy who needs attention…lol.  So many self inflicted issues.

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  1. connor Murphy

    Well…Vanity’s still sore about being left out of the plan and knocked unconscious.

    also, what is the secret ingredient in evil’s favorite type of muffins?

  2. Vausch

    @Connor If it’s from a garden, probably weed. We know Evil, Lech and Nerd partake in it. Though it’s implied it’s Death’s garden so that’s a life risk.

    With paws as big as Crack’s I think a massage or back rub would be welcome.

    I get the feeling Vanity is going to suffer some wrath next week. We’ve had hints of what Cara can be like if she gets angry.

  3. connor Murphy

    Wait…Crack offered a massage?

    am i missing something or did crack learn how to be a masseuse after the whole psycho crack meltdown incident?

  4. connor Murphy

    also i want a cute scene of Gay and Lech baking together.

    “Chocolate chip muffins” anyone? ;)

  5. Dakaggo

    Well, now I want to see him give the backrub :p

    Don’t let people shame you Crack, give him the massage!

  6. Ali

    Prozacs right, what would we do without her brilliance. Gory for evil to watch could be SAW or something with a rating M18+ or close. And i see nothing wrong with crack giving evil a back massage or rub? Ok i see the awkward I’ll pass silence. And what pissed vanity off so much? That someone who used to be worse then him get liked so Quickly after so much trouble they caused who knows vanity is vanity not so vanity after others being so vanity about themselves. Whats the secret ingredient?

    P.S: i’m longing for a cute scene of gay and lech! <3

  7. chasey

    I mean, BOTH girls had to spell it out for everyone else, but I’m kinda digging the Pro-Cara ship.

    Also, yeah, Vausch is right: for some reason, Cracked’s paws look rather large in this page and I’m not sure why.
    Actually, their ears do as well, BUT that’s probably just me. I KNOW I’ve thought that about the ears before, especially when they’ve got them all up and forward and perky-interested like that.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Well, everyone seems willing to help Evil out (save for Vanity). That’s pretty nice… Still, is he ever gonna get out of his funk?

  9. Bri

    AW, Crack. So cute! <3

    I always love seeing all the bears' irises in their natural state. So colourful and adorable! I'm happy to see that Lech is finally coming around, while I can't seem to remember right now as to where all of Vanity's rage is coming from. :o I know he gets teased and tossed around sometimes; and I know he was helping Evil in "interrogating" the monkey …. I'm too lazy to dig through the archive and investigate haha.

  10. Vausch

    @chasey Nah, Crack has always had larger ears. He and lech have taller ones than the rest, just like how Nerd and Tanked have lower round ones and Evil and Death have pointer ones. It’s a nice art touch I love about the comic that gives them a unique silhouette.

  11. S.L

    Is Vanity becoming Envy? ;3

  12. MasonEL

    As a parent of twins, the most valuable tool in my summer toolbox is to keep chores handy. Boys are fighting? ‘Oh, obviously you two need something better to do. Come and help me by folding the laundry.’ Complaining that they’re bored? ‘Oh good. I was just looking for somebody with nothing to do. The flowerbed/garden needs weeding.’ Not only does this teach them that fighting and not entertaining themselves gets them handed work to do, but also it teaches them valuable life skills for when they’re older.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    Aren’t “the secret ingredient” and “the garden” legal now? :D Or is there an even secreter and more gardeny ingredient?

  14. bug

    aww that little blush Crack has on the 4th to last page

  15. Rainey

    Pffft, looks like someone’s jealous of all the attention. XD

  16. connor Murphy

    @Sterling Rodd it depends on the state that it takes place in?

    Colorado has both recreational and medical i believe?

  17. SmoochsPLH

    Oof, Vanity’s still mad or he’s been through this sort of thing before (or is Vanity too young to have a backstory?).
    Or I’m reading too much into this and he’s just a prick who wants all the attention. xD

  18. CorvusCorone68

    @connor Murphy i believe Alison is Canadian, and the comic may be set in Canada too; weed is legal to various degrees in Canada; however, there’s the added problem that the bears don’t have the rights of humans. so no matter how legal it is for humans, if they’re caught with it there will be a whole mess of trouble

  19. Tindra Drejdal


  20. WhiteGamingBunny

    more and more Prozac/Cara shippers are showing up, and I’m probably the only Nerd/Cara shipper out there. (not that Prozac/Cara is bad)

    It’s nice to see how far Crack has progressed from the beginning. I feel so proud for him.

  21. T-Shaw

    ProCara, if that works.

  22. gridsleep

    Is Prozac going neckbeard? If he gets a Fedora hat I’m going to throw something at him.

  23. connor Murphy

    @gridsleep, let’s be honest…prozac would look gentleman as fuck with a fedora and a bowtie.

    “I like Bowties, bowties are cool.”

  24. Giffy

    Ya’ll missing out on that crack/evil ship with all this talk of prozac/cara.

  25. Dakaggo

    Going to start a petition if we don’t see Crack giving Evil that backrub.

  26. Nila

    STFU Vanity!
    I kind of hope he’s the culprit revealed soon in next upload page or soon after.
    Anything to have a reason to hit that little panda twat~

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