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July 29th, 2019

Page 693

Took my 3 1/2 month puppy for a walk at 8:30 pm last night (it’s so hot during the day so we go out early and then again later).  She’s getting better…ish…with not needing to stop and sniff ALL the things.  And sit and watch people getting into their cars like 8 houses away (why??), and watch the birds on the telephone wires and sit and watch other dogs walk away after they got to meet (she’d sit there for 5 minutes just watching a dog walk away from her if I let her.) but last night she freaked out because I wouldn’t let her go to the park :P   We often have differences of opinion on which way we should go and I end up picking her up and winning (? but am I really??) the argument, but this time she lay belly up in my arms and cried and whined and pretty much threw a tantrum for almost two blocks because I didn’t let her go see the two girls at the park (older girls just sitting on the seesaw and not even doing anything particularly interesting).  Sheesh.  Like I needed any more childish drama with all the summer vacation inspired fighting :(

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  1. Tjimmy1999

    For the record, Evil didn’t threw himself in the lions den. He was taunting the lions with a slab of stack and was pushed into the den by a giraffe.

  2. connor Murphy

    da’www crack loves when his family is happy.

    he’s like a younger brother that’s innocent.

  3. pretty_blossom

    puppies can be stubborn. u should get help from a professional trainer, but take into consideration that a dog gets a lot of information on the world from sniffing – by not letting her sniff, you’re basically blinding her to what’s going on. She sounds curious, not agressive – so no harm in indulging her. We of the modern lifestyle don’t take the time to notice the world around us – doesn’t hurt to stop for a minut and really look around…
    Of course – the dog should know you’re the boss and do what you say when you say it – hence the need for a trainer…

  4. T-Shaw

    Only sometimes.

  5. Ali

    I guess death being happy made crack happy… riiiiiight anyway the thing that i noticed straight away by just looking at it is did prozac really just kiss cara on the hand (^-^). And i feel like this chapter is about the last few and evils activity, thought it would be about everyone appreciating evil (wait is it both?).

  6. chasey

    @Timmy1999: Evil might not have meant to throw himself into the lion’s den at THAT moment, but the fact that he did eat a bunch of drugs in the hopes that the lion king would get sick or die from eating him means that he was planning on being IN the lion’s den AND their stomachs sooner or later. He was literally sacrificing himself. Or trying to.

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, Prozac kissing Cara on the hand- can anyone else see a ship happening? It could work. But yeah, Evil really is trying to do good. Really hope he recovers soon.

  8. Kath mcgill

    So prozac knows she is right.

    Something else had to have happened to evil in the lions den.

    As for your puppy, all I can say is that if it gets away with it now ir will be nearly impossible later.

    Become the alpha female of your pack. Scruff the pup, stand over him, be firm.

  9. connor Murphy

    wait, prozac’s eyes got super dilated before he kissed Cara’s hand.

    *remembers that Cara was mentioned to have her own ability that’s different from Sara’s*

    did….did Cara unknowingly make Prozac comfort her with her ability?

    Can Cara manipulate peoples moods and make them act certain ways without knowing it…that’s my theory anyway?

  10. connor Murphy

    i mean…if it’s a dormant ability that happens unknowingly then Cara wouldn’t know about it right?

  11. Urago

    You know, I actually ship Cara/Prozac. ^_^

  12. Vausch

    Wait a minute, Evil didn’t steal Crack’s suit. That was Gay and/or Sara when she was in heat.

  13. gridsleep

    If Evil weren’t already sick he’d be puking at the sound of all those compliments coming from the kitchen. I suppose he would accept them as part of his punishment for accidentally caring. He really is a pile of work.

  14. gridsleep

    It just occurred to me… Are these the Who Cares? Bears?

  15. connor Murphy

    i think that this is Cara’s power still, i mean…evil wouldn’t change on his own he’s too stubborn right?

  16. Tjimmy1999

    @chasey Sounds a lot more like a backup plan than a sacrificial one.

  17. MicaXIII

    wait wasn’t it Gay, Tank and the Girls who gave the suit to Death? since that happened during them all being blacked out from Sara’s pheromones.

  18. New Guy

    The suit from the last time he chicken poo was mentioned covers the head. The one from the pheromone prank does not. Pretty sure it’s a second suit.

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