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July 22nd, 2019

Page 692

Another twins’ birthday party over!  No children drowned and I still have all my hair :) I think my mother spent more time yelling at my adult brothers.  Some crazy person gave the boys giant Nerf water guns almost as long as they are tall.  The water power on those things is pretty painful, especially in the face… dorks.

Dogglet likes to swim!  And attack the water?  I’ve never seen her pee so much.


  1. Tjimmy1999

    I bet Gay was expecting his secret admirer to be a guy.

  2. BrobyDDark


    What? Gay was thinking about a guy? That doesn’t make sense.

  3. connor Murphy

    @Tjimmy1999 to quote walter from hellsing ultimate: “Sarcasm is unbecoming of you.”

  4. T-Shaw

    Wow, never expected Crack to notice the nice things Evil has done for the other bears.

  5. Dakaggo

    Guessing Gay was hoping it was from Lech judging by the awkward eye contact :p

  6. Ali

    Ooooo! A secret admirer who could that be? *gay looks at lech*
    And gays eyes are turquoise, his favorite bowtie is turquoise, Too much turquoise.
    How does crack know evil did all those things? All in due time-All in due time (probably what gay is thinking cause he’s waiting for he’s secret admirer).

    Ps: evils trying to be nice, and tank is known for his liquor so i don’t see why tank shouldn’t have the imported liquor evil gives him.

    Pps: how much cookies did lech have??? And who did gay think about being the secret admirer i always think he knows of another zoo or something.

  7. SmoochsPLH

    Alison you big freaking tease you. xD

  8. WhiteGamingBunny

    Man, if Lech keeps eating like that, he’s gonna get chunky. I can only imagine if Gay got bored one day and just kept cooking out of boredom. Kudos to Lech for trying to be polite. As much as he can be.

    Also, I am loving how happy and adorable Crack looks in panel three! Gosh I wanna hug him. His mysophobia (germophonbia) would probably kick in though…

    I may be mistaken, but this feels like the first full page we’ve seen Prozac not grumpy/angry for quite some time.

  9. rugibess

    Gay needs love

  10. connor Murphy

    @rugibees, i agree…but his family is enough for now.

  11. Giffy

    Evil secretly admires Gay confirmed

  12. connor Murphy

    @Giffy, ehh…i’d rather have evil and nerd shipped together.

    also yes i know that this is a joke about shipping but still.

  13. Todd Maccarone

    It’s surprising how much good that Evil’s done… also, that blush from Gay in panel 8- precious [though Evil x Gay… not sure how well that’d work]! As for that last panel, I do agree with Prozac- that’s a poor habit, but at least it makes Tanked happy.

  14. Eduardo Shimomura

    Much cute Gay, but think what can be next, the Gay origin
    Origin Vanity,Lech,Gay and Death are missing

  15. N0083rP00F

    Evil and Gay would definitely be the poster Bears for The Odd Couple…..

    Wait a sec.
    Is this our Evil? The master of mayhem and not quite deadly schemes.
    Maybe it’s backlash or a major pendulum swing from that time where he was really Really EVIL so may story arcs ago?

  16. connor Murphy

    @N0083rP00F, i don’t think that’s the case.

  17. Rebecca

    Wait… The zoo has a pub?

  18. Nicole

    Oh, Prozac. That ship has sailed.

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