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July 15th, 2019

Page 691

So that long delayed/procrastinated Patreon site is up and huge, huge thanks to everyone who is backing the comic! I really don’t make any money off this site (the ad revenue pays for hosting and the awesome web site support guy who fixes my blunders and occasionally mails out books to the nice people who buy them :)  My main secondary source of income is the odd commission and t-shirt royalties (need shirts/sweaters/phone cases/pillows?? I can point you to some good stuff!! lol) so your support is greatly appreciated.  I will try to figure out Patreon’s tier/backer reward system (anything but basic costs money, sheesh) and I’d love to do something fun and simple for you guys, like vote on monthly sketch topics or something, as long as it’s not too time-consuming.

Plus, I want to set up a Kickstarter for vol 3 this year but I have to organize a lot of stuff and re-color about 18 pages, I think,  that I lost in a drive crash….still bitter.  So that can’t happen until this current show finishes (a Netflix show I can’t talk about yet, and definitely not one my kids can watch). It’s long hours and we are, of course, behind.  I am tired.

Amazon Prime day is also today and Shirt Woot is running a BOGO sale :)




  1. Hedge Haiden

    Evil’s trying to be…….. nice? What is this sorcery?

  2. connor Murphy

    see even Cara agree’s her sister’s a bitch! XD

  3. T-Shaw

    Yes, I agree with you Cara. Those bears did deserve it.

  4. chasey

    Ahh, I knew it. Evil nearly killed himself for the sake of the “family”, and gets yelled at instead, so of course he’s feeling really blue.
    It’s hard to blame the other bears, though, since he tried to do some good in his own special way, and accidentally made more trouble, but the outcome he was trying for was *intended* to be a good thing. I’m glad Sara spelled it out for them. Evil needs a hug. :(

  5. Roger Hamelin

    Good on you Alison, remember to always make your patreon accessible and promote it whenever appropriate.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Hmm… Glad to see Evil’s trying to turn over a new leaf, though it’s a pity that his efforts thus far have been unappreciated.

  7. Nicole

    Sara’s face in the last panel is priceless!

    Oooh! A patreon! Supported! :)

  8. Ali

    Finally someone says! And a sight some reason i thought i’d never see Gay wazhing the dishes, or more catering?
    Oh and crack joins the chat in tbe kitchen! How are they going to make up to evil? A nice long motivating speech about all his effort, or a cake!

  9. connor Murphy

    why do i feel like a scene with gay and lech washing dishes together is coming up?

    probably because i feel like lech would rather wash dishes with gay than deal with evil. :P

  10. Hake Feretto

    Hooo yes thanks to girls’s mummy instinct ! They are the once to have see all efford Evil try to do since a while ! Our little bear family shoukd be grateeful to these bith female for be part of they home, things have already change since Cara and Sara are come in the Zoo and these both continue to change our little bears in a true and strong family ! Well as reader I had see the efford do by Evill but the poor one is not lucky because his “special way of deal” still finish by attire annoying to all even if it wasn’t his goal… I hope now they’ll all try do to sole efford for our poor little Evill by tell him nice words and be thanksfull to him for all. Of course I’m sure he will come back at his usual personality after this arc but I continue to think he’ll have some changment in his way of do things ^^.

    Hooo I didn’t see you have finaly do a Patreon Alison, as big fan of your work it’s my job to helping with my support :3. And no need rewards for that because have a bear nuts and other funny stuff do for Us each week is already a big reward. Thanks for all Doomcats studio do for all his fans, thanks to you for this great webcomic that is Bearnuts, I hope you’ll receive more and more support frol your communoty ^^, in any case you already have mine !

  11. TaggertShare

    Love that last panel. I dropped in to catch up on some of my favorite Bears. I had little time to drop by for the last eight weeks due to Radiation Therapy. Sites like this are some of the best Therapy possible.

  12. Michael Sirius

    In the other bears’ defense, Sara and Cara didn’t see much of the old Evil, so it’s more believable to them that he would try to change to thru

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