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July 8th, 2019

Page 690

Getting close to another really big number!

So I understand the comment from last week about being frustrated that I still haven’t managed to get book 3 out…I feel it too!  But the whole ‘Just get Jim to help thing’ definitely made him laugh.  Obviously, you guys have nooooo idea how many hours we put into the animation jobs we have (it’s supposed to be 9-5, but when you work mostly from home, and the projects are behind (which seems to happen ALL THE DAMN TIME) then ‘9-5’ and ‘weekends’ become nebulous things.  I lost about 15 pages from the Book 3 material in a drive crash that have to be re-colored for the most part, but a couple have to be rescanned and completely started from digital scratch.  All time consuming and all needing to be done in and around my work stuff, my current page updates, and my life/kids/dog/health/sanity.

I did, however, set up a bare bones Patreon Page.  I want to put more into that but for the time being, it exists…a triumph for me it seems (look!  I completed something!  Kind of, lol)

And feel free to go vote for ‘Lick’, an entry in the Shirt Woot NSFW themed derby :)



  1. Roger Hamelin

    I am so happy you got a patreon set up. I’d recommend setting up a tier system where you give sneak peaks, bonus artworks, etc. or something like that to attract more patrons. Thanks for the Comic!

  2. NAZF

    Don’t want to be a bearer of bad news, especially if this ends up being the first comment, but someone’s using your art again:

  3. Ali

    Caras speech enlightened everyone! or at least Prozac, WAIT where did he come from?! but vanity is still in a bad mood since the push that cara didn’t do, or even when lech hogged the plate who knows? did lech have to use gays favorite mixing bowl, i guess he has to get a new one (‘-‘)

    @NAFZ i hope Alison gets to pull the page down.

  4. Vausch

    It WAS your favourite mixing bowl, Gay. Now it’s the one you’ll be using exclusively for things you make special for Lech.

    Oh boy. This’ll be fun. Been wanting to see more of Cara get delved into and her speech is kinda giving me some “Stepfather” vibes. Nothing is innocent in this zoo.

  5. T-Shaw

    Powerful words Cara.

  6. connor Murphy

    i love gay and lech, they bounce so well off each other.

    also, lol gay will have to use that bowl exclusively for lech since he washed his piss foot off in it!

  7. Abdiel

    I will become a patron next week

  8. chasey

    Gay’s expression made my morning.

  9. connor Murphy

    gay’s just like, c’mon not my favorite mixing bowl!

    lol Gay’s expression looks so done.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see the girls have the common sense to keep things together… And rather ironic, considering how shaken up things got when they came around.

  11. Bri

    These girls are slaying, yaaaas! Cara also said pretty much what I’d said a couple of pages ago, so I’m glad my mindset is widely embraced. :) True families stick together, empathize, and help each other up!

    I’m so happy to hear about the Pateron! I’m sure some of us here will donate anyway despite lack of tiers right now. I’m honestly grateful that you even still upload here once a week. I remember when you were uploading thrice a week then had to cut down to this; and I think I was worried at one point that you’d stop uploading altogether because of your hectic schedule … So thanks a bunch, Alison. <3

  12. Bri

    Lech is such a kid, though.
    + LOL @ Gay’s expression. Truly classic. :’)

    Nice to see Prozac again, too! Though he came out of nowhere LOL … I hope to see him take charge in this situation.


    You have officially become the first and probably one of the only internet projects I have chosen to throw money at.

  14. gridsleep

    Is it my imagination (or delusion) or does it seem that Prozac’s position of leadership or at least influence seems to be diminishing, and he is withdrawing into the background as the other characters become more assertive and /or proactive? Is the hierarchy dissolving into a democracy?

  15. Ali

    its been democratic since the start, or has it? And the ‘family’ will not listen to their frenemys, so its up to the leader, but what if the leader doesn’t listen to everyone? What if evil (when he’s nertured back to health) will continue to be an nuisance to everyone, or not who knows these few chapters haven’t been treating him well.
    Chances are pretty slim of prozac stepping down his position of leader saying he’s been their leader for almost 11 years.

    P.s: sending this from my new phone!!!

  16. dakaggo

    Kind of want to see Gay giving Lech a bath now :p

  17. connor Murphy

    @dakaggo lech would have to be knocked out for that, he would fend off gay otherwise.

  18. dakaggo

    @connor Pretty sure threats or blackmail would work. I’m sure he could use a thorough scrub anyway.

  19. connor Murphy

    @dakaggo pretty sure you just want a scene with gay and lech wrestling in the tub as gay tries to clean him,
    gay ontop of lech trying to scrub him down and the blushing. xD

  20. dakaggo

    I mean, I wouldn’t say no.

  21. Kylie_W

    Pledged on Patreon!

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