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July 1st, 2019

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Happy Canada Day!!

Every year I think I’m going to make a new image for this, and every year I forget until the last minute and don’t do it.  Not that beer fiend Tank isn’t a fun image, but I’m sure I could convey celebrating my country with something other then alcohol…Lol.  I’m also not a beer or wine drinker, but something fruity and bright coloured? I’m all over that :)

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  1. connor Murphy

    THANK YOU CARA!! Finally someone get’s it! :V

  2. Vausch

    Wow. Cara of all of them. And we know her first interaction with Evil wasn’t exactly pleasant.

  3. Vausch

    Aw bollocks, pink is Sara.

  4. connor Murphy

    i just realized that the pink is Sara, and i’m stupid.

  5. T-Shaw

    Don’t know what to say so, Happy First Day Of July!

  6. Ali

    nerds face after sara pushed vanity reminds me of when he showed cara his pancake hes so easily infatuated.
    and gay and lech haven’t been arguing for a long time i guess, until now.

  7. Jack

    Evil gets both girls! just imagine it, Sara gets him emotionally, and the two can have tons of fun, and Cara can reign him in. if he gets both, imagine how furious lech would be, and how much closer to him being with Gay and that hilarity.

  8. chasey

    Heh, awesome. I wasn’t expecting the voice of understanding to come from Sara, BUT I suppose I should have, when I REALLY think about it. She’s had to comfort her sister constantly as they’ve been moved from zoo to zoo, so she does actually have a real tendency to be caring. Somehow, I wonder if she might be one of the oldest bears, too, so it gives her a small bonus to perspective?

    Also giggling at Nerd’s face after Sara calls Vanity a Mirco D. Hehe.

  9. Kath mcgill

    I can see shouting in Evils life when the water hits him…

    What you need are Jello shots,in your future…

    We dont drink here (as our meds prevent it) but…
    Every fruit has its own juice and a
    sparkling version too that is non alcohol. So, grab say blueberries and freeze them. Get some

    white grape juice and make white grape jello with enough hot liquid to dissolve the jello use the carbonated white grape juice for the rest of the liquid and pour into those little condements containers and pop a few frozen blueberrys in then chill. No guilt dessert. Something so yummy eventanked would be able to make

  10. glowworm

    I find it hilarious that Vanity is standing on top of a chair like a little kid. I also giggled at Lech’s “reasoning” for not going to the bathroom to clean up.

  11. BarbWhat

    When will Death come back from the war?

  12. Sandro

    The books are still stuck at the 2nd one… Move on, we are waiting.
    You are not alone, your husband can help you too.
    Also maybe a riedition of these first books as of 1+2 book.

  13. Todd M Maccarone

    I’m not surprised that it’s one of the girls who gets the real deal with Evil… but I am surprised Sara was the one who got it. Good on you, sister!

  14. gridsleep

    Moosehead, eh? Trow some bacon on the grille, relish an all, crank up the Rush, and you gotcha some Patriots.


    ngl I’m with @Sandro on this one. Have you worked on the Patreon page you mentioned before? I’m sure a bunch of us would be happy to support.

  16. StoticM

    Considering the previous ill-will with Evil, this is a mature response from Sara. (Cool.)

    @BarbWhat I now have an image of Death in a trench with two chickens…thanks, Lol.

  17. connor Murphy

    Lech: “this is closer”
    sure lech…you just want to be closer to Gay XP

  18. Bri

    #teamsara <3

  19. Nila

    go get kicked in ya BEAR NUTS again, Lech…
    & Vanity.. well I just plain don’t like him~


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