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June 24th, 2019

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Finally had a hot summer weekend :D  The twins turned 8 on Thursday and we took them out to eat.  The restaurant staff plunked big goofy hats on their heads and sang for them, and brought them each a little piece of cake with a candle.  I don’t think they’d ever seen that before, they were pretty blown away.  Evan blew his candle out in one go, we gave up on Owen and someone did his for him.  He still eats like a tiny bird, pecking at things, eating rice one grain at a time with his fingers…making a huge mess all the while.  I always feel like tipping larger considering the state of the floor underneath him :P It was a buffet.  I think everyone had two plates (some three) by the time he finished one. He was a bit annoyed that there wasn’t time for him to go back and try more stuff.  Dessert mollified him.

The puppy however fully endorses his method of eating.  Blah.

Vote incentive: They’re advertising ‘Stranger Things’ season 3 on the radio (a tie-in with Baskin Robbins of all thing) I haven’t watched season 2 yet! Is it good?  I kind of liked 11 with the short hair better.


  1. Tjimmy1999

    Not complaining, but why is everyone so quick on finding an excuse to kill Evil?

  2. connor Murphy

    Well…Vanity is mini-evil and he just wants his dad to die quickly and mercifully.

    Also Gay’s chuckle at Lech stepping in the piss bucket, lol they’re so into each other!

  3. connor Murphy

    Pffffft Nerd, Cara, and Gay are Mortified at Vanity acting so much like evil Xp

  4. connor Murphy

    Cara is the purple one right, their basically like twins so it’s hard to tell for me, their names are a one letter change so it’s confusing for me to remember.

  5. Ali

    gays face is priceless when lech vomits! and vanity shows off his dark self maybe making evil (if heard) feeling forlorn? maybe who knows? oh and where did the crumbs go when vanity swipes them of the table?

  6. Mr Demon

    What bothers me more? The cute little poker dot is out doing Evil.

  7. Kath mcgill

    Vanity was always a closet evil snot.

    Though he does have a point with the whole thing if his plan is to be an alpha.

  8. T-Shaw

    Jeez, way to show your support Vanity.

  9. connor Murphy

    @Mr Demon huh…i’ve never heard Vanity called cute, evil though i’ve definitely heard him be called. x3

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Jeez, Vanity- way to turn on the subtle! Also, comeuppance for Lech.

  11. Treascair

    To borrow from Fallout 4: Everyone disliked that.

  12. MustacheHam

    Yikes, little dude is vile. Why not change his name from Vanity to Vile.

  13. gridsleep

    Vanity is the only realist. No sentiment

  14. chasey

    For a vegetarian pipsqueak, he sure is murderous.
    But anyway, they’re not ALL quick to find an excuse to kill Evil, Lech doesn’t want to kill him, just to move him, and Vanity is just a jerk (but we knew that).
    The rest/most of them seem way more inclined to simply gossip than to actually DO anything about it. So far that we’ve seen, anyway.
    Still need to see Prozac’s take on this and I’m curious what the girls are about to say, now that they’ve shown up.

  15. Filias

    i get it Evil is not moving cause he trying to transfert his soul to a younger and undamaged body , we can see here the first hints of it

  16. Ali

    does vile vainity know that theres a hyena pit in a discount zoo?

  17. connor Murphy

    Vanity is a vessel for evil is confirmed.

  18. Bri

    The twins are eight, EIGHT! It only feels like maybe four years ago they were just born. x __ x I was even here when Sam was born too … I’m mindblown every single time I think about how long I’ve followed this comic, because it’s been so long yet doesn’t feel like it! I’m glad you still upload here vigorously, Alison. Thank you. <3

    Oh, Vanity … With all the teasing he's been through, and the picking Evil has done to him, I'm not surprised at his morbid rant haha. ^ _ ^|||

  19. Caroline Chiem

    Hah well done at raising 8 year olds! I was also reading this when you had newborns or was that news of twins.. either way I keep coming back to this comic, I love it so much, thanks for creating this comic and sharing fun insights.

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