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June 17th, 2019

Page 687

Happy post Father’s Day :)  I gave Jim probably the best FD present by packing the kids (and the puppy!) up and heading to my mom’s for dinner giving him a quiet house to work in.  Can’t remember the last time HE took the kids somewhere and I got a quiet afternoon :P

So I’m not really sure Lech’s last mouth position really goes with his noise/speech, but Tank playing nurse maid is kind of cute. He’s certainly making himself useful lately.

Vote Incentive: Creepy old Tanked sketch I don’t actually remember doing..?  So many sides of Tank today :)

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  1. connor Murphy

    Heh…i love how lech can sense Evil’s bullshitting it so that he can be pampered and everyone else just thinks lech is being a dick. ;3

  2. seastorm

    i see that little smile there, evil….

  3. Ali

    just keep reminding myself that lech and evil are not friends anymore (not after what he did to him and vanity)

    PS: can’t believe that tank is looking after evil after all his menacing he di to him.

    PPS: creepy tank in voice incentive!

  4. T-Shaw

    At least someone is offering to help Evil.
    Good job Tank! ;)

  5. chasey

    Tanked is too good for this world.
    But I don’t think Evil’s faking it; I think he really is pretty dang depressed, even if his injuries are better by now.
    It might be better if they move him to his room, though, if Lech (or others) are going to be snipping at him or complaining about him.

  6. connor Murphy

    @Chasey, how would you feel if someone was occupying your couch and wouldn’t ever get up from it…point is i can understand Lech being annoyed at how evil’s acting.

  7. Hake Feretto

    Hehe I had true about the cookie ! :3 And yes I think Evill is realy contraried by something, just how he look back at Leck after he give him the cookie. Think even if he seem a big jerck with him I think it’s his way to help. But Tank is the most dedied to Evill since a big while (don’t forgot they have share the same bedroom) and how he have a totaly “open” spirit he don’t care about what Evil have do to him in the past. Just something interesting it’s he become more and more expressive and stand up to the others, it’s the first time I see him look at someone with a so angry face :O Lech should be careful with his next worlds….

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Man, Evil’s really out of it… Even if Lech is right, he could stand to be a bit nicer about it. Then again, it’s Lech, so… Probably not gonna happen.

  9. connor Murphy

    all this talk of lech is making me yearn to hear his backstory, Alison just tell us Dangit! xD

  10. chasey

    I know, I can see the couch-hog argument, which is why I suggested they move him to his own room instead. At least that way no one can say he’s doing it for attention by sprawling all over the couch for weeks at a time for everyone who walks by to see him.
    But, indeed. Lech could be nicer about it (fat chance!) even if he’s (probably) not the only one who thinks Evil is playing up his injuries for sympathy.

    Evil usually attracts negative attention (getting yelled at after he does something bad) so he might be finding this new feeling of sympathetic attention to be a bit nicer, so… maybe he’s milking it, maybe he isn’t. Curious to see what’s up. :)

  11. BananaHabit

    @connor Murphy it’s really not anyone’s couch

  12. connor Murphy

    @BananaHabit, it’s a family couch and that means that everyone in the family has privledge to use it, but you don’t go around hogging the dang thing!

  13. Nicole

    Oh, Lord, Tanked is so sweet! <3 And, honestly, Lech is trying to do the same thing in his own regrettable way. He did bring him a cookie after all.

    @BananaHabbit is right–it's all their couch. And the TV is in there. That's where you go when you're recovering. Although not going out to pee…that's a pretty big ask.

  14. Bri

    @Connor Murphy Your comments about the couch speak a lot about your personality LOL.

    I think you should go back to the first page of this arc, look at the title, look at Evil’s face, then continue to look at his expressions up to this page. There is enough (and obvious) evidence placed to convey that Evil is feeling emotionally under the weather — or depressed to the point he feels “apathetic”, which — again — is the title of this arc. Clearly Evil is not acting like the usual self that we have seen him as.

    And you know, a true family looks out for each other. As dysfunctional as the gang is — as a whole and as individual members — at the end of the day, they rely on each other because they are the only family they have left. To complain that Evil is “hogging the couch” when he clearly is acting out-of-character right now and is seriously injured (regardless of whether or not he got himself into that situation), well … I would worry about how you’d act with your family, if you had/have one. If you had a friend or child or parent that was “hogging” the family chair but needed to. The bears can survive a few days without some measly piece of leather. There’s more to their cave, to their needs, to their lives than one sofa.

    You are always voicing your opinions loud & proud, so I figured I would do the same.

  15. Hake Feretto

    @Bri I’m aggree with you about Evil, it’s even more evident since the first arc of the interrogation with the “Undone Evill” was evident it will be an arc special for him. Plus we see him be “concerned” a lot of time during the interrogation even a moment he stand up during 3 pannel with a blased face what can certainly be materialisate as ariund 30 sec of concerne if the scene was animated.

    I don’t know why Evill suddently seem concerned by what other thinks ti him, it’s not realy explained but it’s what make this arc even more great and touching. I love how relationship between all the gang grow up chapter after chapter, making them most close of a True unified family.

    I think it’s the main Goal of this comic, make a totaly unorganised family change in a full unified one. But as long we’ll not have see all the bears’s backstory (girls include) this comic will be far away from his end, all must finish one day yes but we hope it will be for a long while before and we could follow our little gang again a bit ^^

    Bearnuts is a very good write comic and all that will put us to something very interesting at the end so pleas Murphy like said Bri yiu have the right to colent like all the fans. But pleas be better “teach” about the stiry behind the comics and don’t just compare it to one of your real situation, it’s a comics , a cartoon, so thing will not turn again in real life event ^^

  16. Hake Feretto

    Well maybe I exagere a bit with the 30 sec, think it shoukd be most around 8/10 sec but we are aggree it’s not something we are used to see with our white little bear !

  17. connor Murphy

    i was just making a joke about people hogging a piece of furniture and it turned into a debate…what are these comments? ;p

  18. Evilbob

    Even if he gets a catheter, you’d still have to empty his piss bag…

  19. Tjimmy1999

    @Evilbob Better than the bucket.

  20. chasey

    I think the reason Evil suddenly cares what others think, or SEEMS to care/feel bad, is because he was legitimately trying to do a big, brave (even though stupid) thing FOR the others. FOR his family. And he’s getting no thanks for it because he accidentally made a bigger mess of the whole thing. :(

  21. CorvusCorone68

    i finally figured out the thing with those 4 in that Happy Father’s Day thing, their dads either died or potentially never existed

  22. rugibess

    I think Lech is having difficulty understanding why evil is in this state.

  23. Nila

    Tanked: I’m sick of your shit, Lech!

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