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June 10th, 2019

Page 686

Lech/Gay/Nerd (Glech plus Nerd? GLERD?  Have there been any 3 way name mash ups??) banter is rather fun to write :)

So I finally got a girl!  She’s has 4 legs and likes to eat dirt but I’ll take her.  We had planned to get a puppy at some point, thought it would be nice for the boys to learn about that responsibility and have that experience.  I wasn’t expecting to do it this soon but this adorable litter of Auggie* puppies became available and suddenly we had a week to decide and get ourselves into the mind set.  Worked out well timing wise as we surprised the twins for their birthday (8 years old already!!) and I realized puppy training in the summer is waaaaay better than when it’s cold and dark at 5 in the morning and you’re waiting for this goofy little fluff ball to hurry up and pee already.

*(I wanted a corgi and Jim wanted a mini Aussie and she’s a mix of both so that’s quite the compromise, lol)

Stinkin’ cute little bugger.  Evan and Sam actually fought over who got to pick up the first poo.



  1. Vausch

    Did the cookies duplicate in panel 7?

    Lech: Master of tautology and out of nowhere insults!

  2. rugibess

    uh… is Glerd going to become a thing now? Also that puppy is frecking adorable.

  3. T-Shaw

    Lech: the douche of the family.

    Also that puppy is freaking adorable!

  4. James

    Vausch beat me to it. There’s 3 too many cookies in panel 7. I assume they were supposed to be edited out to look like panel 9.

  5. Ali

    Awww the puppy is Adorable, and lechs insults are becomeing more shabby every time and maybe just maybe he’s going to somehow get evil off the couch (hopefully by being kind.)

    sorry that does not sound like lech.

  6. chasey

    I’m wondering if Lech really did suffer some sort of hearing loss during that lion fight… or maybe not. Could just be Lech being so very Lech.

  7. Hake Feretto

    Lot of thing to say on this page !

    The first is Lech’s action, he is more insulting than at his usual I found that strange but it can maybe be justified by something : He try to take all the hate on him for the others stop to hate Evill , but the probability for it to be true are around 0,05% (It’s Lech we talking, lech and his “Alpha Fierty”)

    The second explication I can found is he feel like ha have be betrayed by the monkeys ( since he would save them from Evill’s torture) maybe because he have something hide he don’t want talk with the other bears or maybe because he have do something for them he don’t want talk and here they have Liar to him about the Lion and send him directly at the dead.

    I doubt the caught mokeys are still in the Bear’s cave (it’s now a whole week like Nerd said) but I think Lech don’t intend to do nothing, he will certainly have a plan and he will go talk with the Monkeys. So it’s why I feel a Lech’s origin story coming, maybe he will talk with Evil and count it to him (but have a new original story so less time after Gimp well… maybe I have wrong) or he will go see the monkeys and we’ll finaly hear about what he hide and his origin story will come after.

    But I think all that will coming in the next Arc because the actual will turn around Evil’s situation , an arc destined to make him recover of his depression with the help of his family, you all see the Cookie Lech have keep after get out from the kitchen ? Maybe he have keep it for give it to Evil before talk with him or just said a “I knew you in better mood” and give him the cookie before leave. Well in all case lot of things will happen now, some will change certainly too.

    I’m not Alison so all I said is just what I think will happen for me but it will be certainly totaly different and my coment will be just a way to pass the time for all people will read it XD.

    So now an other thing it’s about the “duplicate Cookies”, For me I think here Alison have want show us an optical effect like “Lech have take the Cookie so fast we see them again in Gay’s arms” so it’s a way often used in Comics for show a very fast movment , it give a “remanante” pic so is not an edditing error ^^ . Or maybe it is an error but for me it’s something she want do.

    Soooo Alison it’s your first doggy ? Take a dog for responsabilise your childrens is a very good idea, they’ll learn how take care of someone (dog are like a family member for some peoples and for others it’s like a child it depend of the owner but in any case it’s someone alive so he desserve someone take care of him).

    The worst part is the begin when it’s a little puppy , when you must learn him to not pee in home and go in his special place for it. It’s something a bit tiring at the begin but when your dog will be “clean” you’ll could full appreciate the fate to have a dog . You’ll see your life become most joyfull, aftercall animals never judge us and they are a good source of comform when times are difficult. I wish you to have lot of joy and fun with this new little girl ^^.

  8. Kath mcgill

    Corgi /aussie= cussie

    We have a pretty cool system for training pups.

    Get one of those little fenced in yard areas and put it in a spot that is easy to access
    Every 2 or three hours put the dog in with a puppy pad. Praise the dog when it does its buisness
    Put the dog in before you take her for a walk and be firm , no walk until they go.

    Same with bed time. Be firm. No toys or distractions in the pen,
    This makes taking the dog out so much eaiser in the winter and wont kill the yard.

    Many people use the puppy pads inside but all that does is convince the dog that it is ok to go in the house and its a hard habit to break.

    And yes, there seems to be multiplying cookies on the plate.

  9. admin

    Lol, yes I totally missed editing out those cookies! Will do shortly.
    And thanks for the dog advice, it’s been awhile since I had a puppy (and likely my parents dealt with most of the training issues and we just played with her) so it was a busy weekend and I got next to no work done and didn’t get to the gym at all :( But she is darn cute. Even when she poops on the GD rug.

  10. Ponyhome

    I haven’t heard “Ass-butt” used as an insult since Castiel fired it at Michael in Supernatural. Or, actually, ANYWHERE else. Was that a shout-out to Supernatural?

  11. Todd Maccarone

    Jesus, Lech turned his douche skill up to 13- am I right? Also, your new puppy is adorable!

  12. Paul

    Interesting how Lech is the only one who doesn’t grow as a person-er, bear. Not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s just interesting.

  13. N0083rP00F

    On the panel 7 multiple cookie illusion – has nobody seen ANY ninja movies or anime?
    He swiped them so fast that what was on the plate was an afterimage.

  14. connor Murphy

    i think that glerd would be too much, glech is fine on it’s own.

    besides Nerd is definitely into girls and a nervous bear around them. xD

  15. Emily

    I have been reading this comic for at least 8 years now. I remember when Alison was first pregnant! Holy moly!
    It kind of hit me today when I read the blurb underneath. ANYWAYS.
    Poor Nerd.
    Lech WAY escalated that.

  16. Kath McGill

    Depending on the type of carpet you can usually clean it with vinegar and water, then spot clean it. there are other methods to do the cleaning with removal of the smell.

  17. Michael Sirius

    Did Lech suffer from hearing loss? Or is he deliberately going out of his way to misinterpret what’s being said? The latter seems unlikely…

    I’m still rooting for Nevil tbh

  18. connor Murphy

    @Michael Sirius, honestly i’m hoping for Nerd and Sara…Sara is the purple one right? :V

    i forgot which is which since they’re names are so similar? also i agree with Lech deliberately misinterpreting what;s being said just to joke around.

  19. Nicole

    Wow. Lech just bein’ a jerk!

    Alison, your pupper is the cutest thing!!! Congrats!

  20. Bri

    @Connor: Close — Cara’s the purple one. :b

    Omg the puppy. ; __ ; I melt. Eeeeeeeee!

  21. connor Murphy

    @Bri: well i was close, but yeah i want Nerd and Cara because Cara is willing to listen to nerd…nerd’s in general just want someone to listen to them so that they feel wanted, yknow?

    that plus i think that both of them nerding over game of thrones would be cute! ^^

  22. connor Murphy

    Panel 5, Lech is channeling gay’s personality lol! :p

  23. gridsleep

    I think you’re making Lech too much of a douchebag viz the arc at hand. Really, I just want to brain him with a chair for being a total dick. I missed reading for three weeks and I didn’t come back to be aggrivated.

  24. Nila

    stfu Lech… Nobody cares what your macho ass, thinks right now.
    & that goes for page 708 & 709~

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