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June 3rd, 2019

Page 685

I was going to write a long post about some exciting news for us happening this week, but Sam threw up in the middle of the night last night and I was the only one around to deal with it.  He’s like “I didn’t get any on myself this time!  Or the carpet!  It’s just a little on the side of the bed!”  Yeah, the side by the wall…3:30 in the morning and I’ve been cleaning for twenty minutes and then I pulled the bed out…God dammit.  At least it didn’t go all the way through the slats and into the giant drawer of lego underneath :(

So anyway, I’m really tired and going to bed early.  Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!!

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  1. T-Shaw

    I’m not so sure about that, Vanity.

  2. connor Murphy

    lol, lech hogging gay’s cookies, that’s some good shit then!

  3. Vausch

    Not a enough comics are willing to do multi-panel slow character actions like that. Lech just inching the plate away with that smug ass look on his face then Gay just swiping the whole plate without him even fighting back is just a lot about a character and it’s a long chuckle-worthy gag. I love it.

  4. Ali

    Vanity didn’t even say Thank you to nerd for helping him with a macaroon.

  5. Ali

    why didn’t vanity say thank you to nerd? and wonder if gays gonna give him a macaron

  6. Kath mcgill

    UnStealthest ninja_puke happens.

    You know Allison, if the kids are sick, its ok to be late with the panel.

    We, your fans 100 percent understand that your family comes first.

    Life can’t be all macaroons.

    Interesting that Gimp “said” he would be alright.

    Though the contaminated water source never was explained.
    I mean the lion didnt seem to have the smarts for it and where are the girls?

    Get some rest.dawn is oy a few hours away.

  7. Hake Feretto

    @T-Shaw Ho I doubt an eventual inffection is what affect him actualy, you just to put you at his place for understand his actual state :

    For once in his life he have try to realy “Help” his family without any selfish reason ( it’s totaly different from the after event with the dubble or when he had burn accidently Gay) Because he didn’t want implicate any of the bears in his fight. I’m sure Evil had a plan for the Lions and maybe he would sacrifice himself but he haven’t predict the Girafe’s interaction…. (And for that I hope they will pay for it because by doing that they have place all the Zoo “in-danger” even the innocent animals)

    Okay Bears that have try to save him have been hurted but it wasn’t Evil’s fault they are come from their own volonty. And even after that no one of them trust him when he said he haven’t hand in the poisoning…. I know usualy Evil don’t care about what other thinks about him but we have see these last time (even before he go alone to the lions) he was concerned by something, for now we don’t know what but he is realy concerned…. so in this state how can he feel good ? it’s not him to be deprimed but he is now and we just hope someone in his selfish family will try to talk with him. Bur we’ll see who will play this role in the next pages.

    In any case the next promise to be very interesting in the evolution of the bears’s relationships !

  8. Ali

    OMG why is this my 3rd comment? probably because i’m worried of what people think of my grammar and opinions, but anyway i meant to say IS gay gonna give evil a macaroon.

  9. Ali

    @hake Feretto
    people like you are the heart and soul of the comment section.

  10. Ali

    and @kath Mcgill who speaks for all of us!

  11. Black Pete

    That looks more like an “ecthactly” to me ( :

    It’s really, truly alarming that your kids throw up and throw up and throw up. There might be an organic reason or there’s something wrong with the food. It’s definitely not normal for a young child, not really news, I know. A diary might be the 1st step to finding stuff that correlates with it.

  12. Todd Maccarone

    Poor Vanity- why do that to him, Lech?! Anyway, good to see Evil is recovering… Sort of.

  13. Hake Feretto

    @Ali glad my coments are considered like this for you X3 have some peoples reading them is realy encouraging ^^ and if qi’m the heart and soule well you all other are what make work all this, comment without readers is not fun , and if we coment here it’s because we love Alison and her little world ;3.

    Plus it’s touching and very encouraging for an artist to have a communoty that take time to coment and give their mind on what is created , it help to improve and give the want to do more. We don’t care if a page is submited in late like Kath mcgill said the family pass first and all the fan should be able to understand this fate !

    Well for finish the reason why I put so big coment it’s because Evil is one of my favorite character and I’ very interested by how he have improve since the beginin of Bearnuts. You can look he have do some progress without changing his personality. But this arc and the two other before seem me a big “turning” in Evil’s life, we’ll see a big changment happen for sure a bit like with Crack so a changment that will improve the relation between Evil and others without change his personnality too much (well I hope ^^) . So this arc is realy passioning for me and I can’t wait to see how all that will continue ^^.

  14. connor Murphy

    gay and lech are great every panel that they’re in!

    anyone agree?

  15. Nicole

    I think our Evil is depressed. :(

  16. Hake Feretto

    @Nicole yes he is but who could be not deprimed in his situation ? All your family think you are the bad guy even after you have try to save them and for once you have no hand in the bad things… even for Evil it’s something difficult to digest. So now we’ll see how the situation can upgrade and maybe the girls or Death can help him ? Who know….

  17. Ali

    @ conner murphy

  18. chasey

    He has a good reason to be depressed.
    Evil tried to help by making himself a poison snack to take out the lion king AND himself, and then wasn’t even thanked because, as usual, the problem spiraled WAY farther out of control than he anticipated, and then Lech was right in the end: no one asked him to do that, AND in doing so, made everything worse, even though he didn’t MEAN to.
    I suppose each side is partly wrong and partly right here: Evil didn’t think this through; even if he succeeded and killed himself/the lion without anyone else getting involved, the whole zoo would still be in danger after such a tragedy. And as for the others, while yes, they didn’t ask Evil to try to help in his own special way, he DID indeed try to help, without even being asked AND even after being accused of poisoning the water himself, in the first place, even!

    He tried to do something noble to help, but as everything the bears do, accidentally made it all worse, was not thanked for his trying to help, and still they have no solution to the original problem.

  19. Hake Feretto

    @Chasey great to see someone share the same point of view than me ^^ but 8t’s realy for that I love bearnuts. Each character have his own way for deal with problem and Evil is the once that still choose the most radical solution… at the misfortune of all the others of course.

    Now what I’m unpatient to see is who will talk with Evill, the perfect bear for this situation is certainly the once that wasn’t here during the ecent so.. Death himself

  20. connor Murphy

    speaking of Death…where are the other three bears Pollution, Famine, and War? XD

    (ref. four horseman from the bible)

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