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May 27th, 2019

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Vote Incentive: Father’s Day, Ninja Turtles style!  I’ve had many days like that… except no pointy weapons (I do have a set of those in my closet though.)

Or you could go with sad Father’s Day :)


  1. connor Murphy

    i saw what it says on Gay’s Apron…Alison you cheeky tease, i wonder if Lech would do what the Apron say’s? :3

    also how has evil not healed after a week…unless he never moved from that spot in which case he most likely has an infection because he hasn’t bathed probably.

  2. T-Shaw

    I wonder what’s in-store for this chapter.

  3. connor Murphy

    @Alison, quick question…has Gay ever tried to bake macaroons before? o.o

  4. Vausch

    No, Gay. Bad. No puns! Go sit in the corner.

    Wonder what got Evil so down now? He’s put the family in danger before and he’s come closer to death (least just as close) and that hardly shifted him so much. Maybe repeated episodes are catching up?

  5. Ali

    i feel bad for evil even though its him menacing around, and i’m pretty surprised that nerd is protecting him.

  6. ShennyNerd

    Evil’s probably really traumatized because the bears didn’t save him until the lions were already done with him. Who knows what sort of horrible things they did to him. To protect his family. And what did he get for it? Everyone yelling at him.

  7. Kath mcgill

    Maybe evil realizes that he did it for nothing.

    The monkeys blamed the lions but what if it was the monkeys all
    Along anyway?Breen

  8. Hake Feretto

    Each bear have a bit change since the begin , crack is less stressee, Death is more social and happy, lech begin to be a bit nice with gay, gay become more and more preicuped by others, now it’s Evill’s turn to change he certainly begin to see how much far he is already go and how others realy see him. Before he wasn’t preocuped by what other thought to him but since the Poison-water event, when he have see that he was directly implicated by other but he hadn’t do nothing… and that the girls strabgly appreciate him for his puppet-talent (same with Vanity impressed by what Evil could build). So for once maybe he would be the nice guy and he have try to not implicate anybody in his fight, it was his goal but finaly he was saved, his friend hurted and what he have in return ? Only meprising and again be accused for the poisoning so I I understand in what state he is actualy.. plus he seem culbabilizing about what Vanity have said to him .

    I think this arc will be very interesting for improve the bears’s relationship, and actualy I think the best that can talk to him is Death (remember last time after prozac have take him the paw in the bag with the kid he would eat… it was the first time Evil did real Excuses and Death is come directly talk to him about that). So I think we’ll se a new evill coming but keep his main personality a bit like crack, he is less stressed and obseded by sanity but he have keep his worry attitude.

    So I’m realy unpatient to see what will happen in this arc !

  9. Michael Sirius

    As a character who didn’t appear much, Lech is getting more screentime as of late and I appreciate it. My favorite duo just isn’t the same with only one of them. Anyway, that look in his eye, oof, Evil looks

  10. Michael Sirius

    Evil looks rough*

  11. raven0ak

    so, where is prozack and did he survive shock of seeing live baby in den? and what became of tanked after rescuing them from that situation?

  12. Todd Maccarone

    Looks like Evil’s in a bit of a catatonic state… I hope he’s going to be okay. But man, things are changing a lot lately.

  13. bunny

    oh god, hes got depression! look at what you did! D:

  14. dakaggo

    If you’re going to wolf down those scones Lech the least you could do is follow the apron and kiss the cook :p

    Also I hope Gay gives Evil a makeover to cheer him up (and a bath).

  15. connor Murphy

    i’d expect that if Gay and Lech were to kiss it would be from spin the bottle or something. :p

    i can already imagine how it’d go down.

  16. connor Murphy

    @Michael Sirius, you get me because i also love seeing Gay and Lech interact with each other. :3

  17. connor Murphy

    also…am i the only one who thought that Lech was looking at Gay’s butt in the first panel?

    i mean, look at where lech’s eye’s are looking! XD

  18. Smoochs

    Look what you did! You ruined a perfectly good Evil! Look he’s got depression!
    In all honesty, I’m extremely curious to see how this plays out. And are Gay and Evil’s relationship gonna be explored, ooooooh? o0o

  19. Nicole

    Awww…I don’t always feel bad for Evil, but when I do, it’s really bad. <3

  20. Dakaggo

    @Connor Ha you’re totally right, definitely checking out the butt. His name is Lech after all…

  21. connor Murphy

    @Dakaggo, see, i’m not the only one who noticed Lech checking out gay’s butt! X3

  22. YetAnotherBrian

    Evil looks sad and depressed but, you know he is plotting how to get back at the lions, and figuring out who the real villain was so he can get them as well.

    If Evil is stinky I am sure one of the others can give him a Sponge Bath.

  23. Arestina

    *sad exhale* He doesn’t deserve this!!! Yes, he done many selfish thing, but now he thought about his family.
    I already miss his snide smile :с

  24. Giffy

    Gay looks concerned for Evil. Make over to cheer him up incoming?

  25. connor Murphy

    why do i feel like Gay’s gonna tell his backstory in order to cheer evil up and evil’s not gonna actually care? :P

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