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May 20th, 2019

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Happy holiday Monday Canada :)

And I finally got an Instagram account so follow me there if that’s your thing!  Is Tumbler still a thing?  I might have signed up for that and forgot.  And I totally use my Twitter account like…at least once a month.  So, I really suck at the social media thing…

Vote incentive: Father’s Day, Supernatural style :)  Lots more Father’s Day designs available as tees/posters at Neato:



  1. Tjimmy1999

    Meh. Nobody really likes most of the bears, so this is probably normal.

  2. Lane

    And the award for most valuable bear goes to: TANKED!

  3. connor Murphy

    @Tjimmy, i mean…you’re not wrong, but something about the Monkey’s stare just screams trouble?

  4. ShennyNerd

    I hope we see Owen again, he’s so wholesome.

  5. Tjimmy1999

    @connor Murphy Yeah, but considering the monkeys are constantly used as scapegoats and tortured victims by the bears, i.e. Evil, I like to take their entire animosity in their stares as an everyday occurance in this zoo. Frankly I’m surprised none of them found a way to murder them all and made it look like the bears slaughtered each other.

  6. ShennyNerd

    @Tjimmy, maybe that’s why they orchestrated the encounter with the lions. To get rid of the bears, and they’re pissed that it didn’t work.

  7. Treascair

    Atta kid~ Nice kid, too! Yay for Tanked on doing the right thing!

    … that said, I really don’t like how those monkeys are looking at him…

  8. Ali

    funny how when the child returns the mothers first idea where he was is “were you in the garbage Again?”

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Wholesome kid, somewhat good ending, but those damn monkeys… What are they up to?!

  10. gridsleep

    What are the flipping monkeys doing out of their cage in plain sight? Shouldn’t the simian cages have roofs on them? If Tanked can see them anyone can. And big deal. So what if they saw Tanked? What are they going to do about it? Write their Congressman? Fudge the monkeys.

  11. YetAnotherBrian

    Tanked for the win. I want a Tanked Plushie for my son now, that I can steal when he forgets about it.

  12. connor Murphy

    i want to see more of Owen, then Tanked can have cute tea parties with Owen!

  13. T-Shaw

    oh no, not the monkeys!

  14. Abdiel

    I hope the real culprit isn’t the monkeys

  15. N0083rP00F

    @YAB – plushies built on the CareBear pattern with embroidered markings, eyes, claws and such sounds like a wonderful idea.

    Manufacturing them might be pushing things a bit without a kickstarter and even then the manufacturers in china tend to make a mess of things unless you REALLY know and trust them.
    Might be a better idea as kits for “build-your-own” Bear Nuts.
    Or just publish sewing patterns and the embroidery templates.
    Alternatively make a partnership with an artisan more than happy to help produce such items for the fans.

    @T-Shaw Oh yes the Monkeys – they are sneakier than you expected and passed on bogus information.
    @Abdiel All who enter shall have their hopes and dreams crushed [sign over door inside HR ]

  16. LOLTanked

    Tanked in the last panel looks like he’s marking territory. Lil much to drink before your excursion, eh?

  17. YetAnotherBrian

    @N0083rP00F, Allison had discussed the possibilities of plushies a long time ago. I think there was not enough demand for the cost of the supply. We can do T-Shirts to order, I wonder if there is a way to do on demand plush toys?

  18. Nicole

    Oh, those monkeys! Grrrr…

  19. Project_Demise

    I checked on the site nearly every day for 3 weeks and now it finally let me view it. Anyone else have that problem?

  20. Hake Feretto

    Hooo the damn Monkeys…. these faces they do… is not The End… not for now in any case….

    And soo finaly Tank was the only bear to have think at the good way for resolve this problem without any violence !
    I’m sure we’ll see this young boy again in the futur even if it’s out of the Bear’s home I well see him make an eyewink to Tank discretly when he’ll come back at the Zoo and a Tank that will make a sign to him too in back ^^.

    Well now I wonder if we’ll know the real guy back to all these events…. yes monkeys are the first suspect but something tell me it have most that only that , sure someone manipulate them , someone that have good reason for want hurt our Bears family….

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