Page 701
September 23rd, 2019

Page 701

Another round of harmless pranks? Has Gay been sleep dying his fur?  A reverse balayageing accident??

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Vote incentive: part 2 of the 700 image from last week, since nothing goes well for long around these guys :D


  1. connor Murphy

    Oof, lech dyed gay’s lower fur Sara’s color.

    is fur color is personal lech…why would you do this to your bf.

  2. connor Murphy

    unless…this is some kind of long waited revenge for dressing lech up in a dress or something?

    if so then Lech waited at least an entire month probably just for revenge.

    idk, i forget how long ago that Gay and Sara put all the bears in compromising positions for a prank?

  3. T-Shaw

    I don’t get it yet.

  4. Tjimmy1999

    Well at least it explains why Lech was looking down at Gay’s lower half.

  5. rugibess

    @ T-Shaw someone died Gay’s lower half, and Gay is just about to notice

  6. Mr Holiday

    @rugibess dyed

    And this is just the best shenanigan event.

  7. Michael Sirius

    *gently touches ground* I sense shenanigans are afoot

  8. Chasey

    Lech isn’t the one who did it, that’s why he looked so surprised when he was looking at Gay’s feet a couple pages ago. Right now, he’s just happy to bask in the soon-to-come freak out when Gay finally notices his fur’s been dyed pink, haha.

  9. rugibess

    I love that sly look on Lech’s face in the third to last panel

  10. Ali

    (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞Looks like gays been in the closet looking for dyes. Wonder what lechs counting down, is it because gays going to throw up? Who knows? In panel six Lech looks adorbs but in 7 gays looking shocked, probably because lechs being nice just nice.

  11. Nonsens

    Okay, my guess…
    Did Lech just turn on a recording of what Gay has been doing last evening?

  12. SmoochsPLH

    Hm…I sense Vanity shenanigans maybe?

  13. nerdy katt

    I’m almost positive it’s not Lech, as he seemed genuinely surprised a few pages ago. And the fact that he was asking questions, and acting so confused, makes me suspect him even less. If it was him, he’d be smirking the entire time (not just in the third and second to last panels) and that would give himself away.

    What I think happened is that someone drugged whatever it was he was drinking, made him pass out, and then proceeded to make a messy job of his fur. The effects of the drug, coupled by the alcohol, is what’s making him feel ill. Because most drug labels explicitly state not to drink while taking them.

    If it is Vanity, than I’m going to wager a guess that Gay isn’t going to be his only target. He doesn’t like Gay, for sure, but his anger in the previous chapter was mostly directed at Evil. As we’ve not seen any other bears but Lech and Gay, I’m sure that Alison’s building up for something with them too. And it’s possible that Lech has been targeted too, he’s just not displaying anything yet. Could be something on his back that we have yet to see, as we’ve not seen his backside yet.

    @Alison Btw, love the build-up on Gay’s dyed lower half. Really appreciate you hiding it from us, especially by having Gay wearing that night gown. And it makes sense for him to not have seen it up until this point as I imagine that him wearing his eye mask would have kept him noticing.

  14. Theynamok

    “And now it’s time for America’s Grossest Home Videos!”

  15. connor Murphy

    so much development, first it was gay and lech quarrelling in page 12

    now they can sit on the couch next to each other without lech making snide remarks at gay.

    i’m so proud of these two gay boi’s.

  16. Michael Sirius

    Oh, wait a minute, maybe this is that “Evil Jr.” character mentioned at the beginning of the chapter

    Gay is right though, Lech should show his thoughtful side more often

  17. Nicole

    Aaaah! When is Gay gonna notice???

  18. connor Murphy

    @Michael Sirius i agree wholeheartedly.

    Gay and Lech being sweet to each other is great.

  19. Todd M Maccarone

    Oh, jeez… here comes the freak-out. This took way longer to see than it should have!

  20. Taggert Share

    So is Lech going to show us some Bear Nuts porn? Some of my own Fanfiction characters may have sent him some down loads. Oh well, Boys will be boys will be Bears!

  21. connor Murphy

    @Taggert Share considering most of it is of Gay and Lech. probably will lead to awkwardness.

    also i just realized that Lech isn’t actively trying to be a horny Bastard bear-man

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