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April 29th, 2019

Page 680

BLAH! It was super cold and SNOWING on Saturday :(  It’s almost MAY now.  I’m done.

Little press blurb about the new show I’m working on (my first time on character design!)  Too bad it doesn’t even have any of my art :(

Vote incentive: Happy early May the 4th!  Stay away from Vader, this won’t end well…


  1. T-Shaw

    All of this just to get even with the lions, Evil?
    Evil’s actions always have consequences.

  2. Hake Feretto

    I feel a big fight coming and a Evill reavelling all what he have on his heart (because it’s true for once he have want do something not-selfish and great and he isn’t behind the poisoning ) personaly I’m still convincede it’s Slot bear behind all that…. we’ll see in the futur

  3. Ali

    why would lech think evil poisened them he drinks the water too (and gay panel 5 and 7 stopping a fight!)

  4. connor Murphy

    lech: we’re in this mess because of you!

    Evil: I didn’t poison us!

    lech: still not convinced of that!

    Evil: Ass Hole!!

    lech: *internally* Gay, baby hold me back!

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Still leaves you to wonder- who’s the real poisoner of the Bears? That’s something that still boggles the mind.

  6. Ali

    when is prozac waking up to stop lech.

  7. connor Murphy

    @Ali they should let Prozac rest…he’s been through enough.

  8. IWX

    I know who’s responsible for the bears getting poisoned, without a doubt. Unfortunately, knowing she did it doesn’t change anything. They can never get their revenge on her. *shakes fist at Alison*

  9. connor Murphy

    It’s the creator, the traitor.

    she lives to make their lives comical for us.

  10. Smoochs

    One, that fifth panel, Alison you tease us Gay x Lech shippers so much.
    Two…I can sense the angst coming, cause Evil had good intentions.

  11. Tjimmy1999

    @Smoochs “Good intentions”. Now that’s a laugh.

  12. connor Murphy

    @Smoochs, @Tjimmy1999

    and thus with this comic…the power bro-mance of team Lecherous evil has died.

    press F to pay respect’s

  13. connor Murphy

    what’s gonna happen in the next comic?

  14. Ali

    @conner Murphy
    lech is probably going to fight evil.

  15. connor Murphy

    @Ali, i’m so down for that. #teamLech vs #teamEvil

    like and retweet!

  16. connor Murphy

    @Ali, i agree with that. #teamLech vs. #teamEvil

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