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May 6th, 2019

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Writing this on Friday as we’ll be travelling on Sunday night, or just getting home.  First trip for Jim and I away from the kids!  We’re not going far, and only for a weekend, but hopefully everything is fine and I don’t waste part of the trip feeling mom guilt :)  I also hope the boys behave and don’t give Nana any trouble…I feel like not all these things are possible.

PLUS it’s actually supposed to be sunny and 20 degrees here on Sunday!  Finally a gorgeous warm day!  Apparently Sunday in Toronto is overcast and cool-no fair!

Also, finally got to see Avengers: definitely some crying…and what they did to Thor was a travesty!! lol

Vote Incentive: A little more post May the 4th Star Wars fun, for the boys.



  1. T-Shaw

    Whatcha doin Tank?

  2. connor Murphy

    @T-Shaw, being the only responsible one.

  3. connor Murphy

    also i love how Gimp just cover’s his ear’s and has a look on his face that say’s: Agh, with this shit again!

  4. Tjimmy1999

    It’s strange how the bear who subjects himself to alcohol abuse is the only one thinking the most logical thing to do. Either Tanked is sober right now or that we dropped the whole characteristic of him being hammered and brain dead.

  5. Ali

    how does prozac just sleep through all this noise. and i’m guessing tank is going to dump the kid in another Enclosure

  6. Tjimmy1999

    @Ali When you live in a home/cave with psychopaths, idiots, sluts, and drama queens that you’re forced to call your family you tend to gain the ability sleep through even a hurricane.

  7. Treascair

    I see that little tear in Tanked’s eye… poor guy’s probably getting some flashbacks. Can I hug him? He looks so desperately like he needs one.

  8. MviluUatusun

    @ conner Murphy Tanked probably realizes that no one would believe the kid.

  9. Michael Sirius

    They’re gonna see Tanked with the kid and tranq him

  10. chasey

    Tanked knows this isn’t as big a deal as everyone thinks it is. Or it shouldn’t be. All he’s REALLY gotta do is plop the kid outside somewhere when an adult can find him. Really have no idea how everyone else came to the conclusion that any other solution was needed. :p Then again, this whole story is about poor decisions, hehe

  11. Sterling Rodd

    Ah. Gingers always stick together.

    …Either that or it’s primate roast and a beer time. :)

  12. Sterling Rodd

    @Chasey — Yeah, exactly. This is just a kid. As long as no adult sees one of the bears out of the compound, it’s case closed.

    “…But Mom, I saw a bear…”
    “Of course you did, Davey, it’s a zoo.”
    “But he we outside walking around in the people part!”
    “Now, Davey, don’t fib. You know Santa’s always watching.”
    “We’re Jewish, Mom.”
    “Nobody likes a wisenheimer, either, Davey.”

  13. connor Murphy

    @Sterlin Rodd, you’ve made me laugh good gain +1 internet, which isn’t a stat but translates into something much better, you gain + 2 humor.

  14. Todd Maccarone

    Clearly, Tanked’s few good brain cells have come to the conclusion that this poor kid has to be saved. If Tanked’s dapper self shows up, that’s a definite plus.

  15. YetAnoutherBrian

    My man Tanked, is going to do the right thing… I hope.

  16. Jeroen Brugman

    There were certainly some tears while watching Avengers. (Also watched Captain Marvel, what a delightful 90’s flashback and the cat was awesome!).
    Thor was actually much more mythologically accurate in this movie.

    Looking forward to Spiderman and X-Men Dark Phoenix now!

  17. Mr Holiday

    I feel if I was to describe this comic, I’d use this as the prime example.

    “They’re like Care Bears, but none of them care, most them are selfish in their own individual way, and all of them have their own broken personality.”

  18. Nicole

    Tanked knows how to help a friend who’s had one too many. <3

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