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April 22nd, 2019

Page 679

Happy late Easter!  Due to travelling brothers we had two Easter dinners with my family so…double the cheesecake!  This nebulous summer six pack idea ain’t happening :P

Vote incentive: In honour of cartoon bears AND the upcoming Star Wars Day :)


  1. connor Murphy

    Lech my boy…your stupid

    but i don’t see anyone else coming up with a solution?


    Well this has just taken all sorts of great turns now hasn’t it.

  3. connor Murphy

    also….how in the hell is evil not dead from all the poison that he injected into himself all at Once!? O-O

  4. connor Murphy

    All that poison that is coursing through evil’s vein’s….he should be F*cking dead!! O-O

  5. T-Shaw

    Last Panel;
    Really Lech?

  6. Michael Sirius

    Lads, idk if you’re aware of this, but Evil…he’s not normal, even as far as bears at this Zoo come. Of course he survived injecting himself with legal amounts of poison. It’s like Voltaire said, “And it’s so easy when you’re evil”

  7. chasey

    Seriously, though. No one’s going to believe the kid if he says that a bear was out because when they go to check everyone will be in their enclosure, all safe and sound and behaving.
    :I Oh boy.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Chasey does raise a good point- who’d believe a kid if he said that? Most folks would probably think he was overly imaginative, or just crazy. Then again, knowing how things work here, there would always be repurcussions (just in case the kid was right).

  9. Tjimmy1999

    This whole could just be solved if they simply just dump the kid’s unconscious body out of their pen. The kid will most likely forget seeing Crack outside of their pen and no one will believe the kid even if he remembers anything. Why can’t any of these bears just do one logical thing without Prozac having to bail them out? Oh and you can’t drain injected drugs out of someone’s blood, as far as I can tell.

  10. connor Murphy

    @Tjimmy1999 what would be an interesting twist is if the zookeepers checked the security footage and actually saw the bear’s fighting against the lions

  11. Urago

    I know Cara is naturally moody, but seeing her with the tissues in the last panel is so sad.

  12. connor Murphy

    is prozac still knocked out…i wanna see Gimp taking care of prozac like the good boy he is.

  13. richard SF

    Can Death erase memories with a touch?

  14. Arestina

    I think the problem is that people can actually check the safety of the zoo even if the kid told them.

  15. Nicole

    @connor Murphy: You’re adorable! This is the DISCOUNT zoo. They can’t afford security cameras! ;)

  16. connor Murphy

    @Nicole oh yeah…i remember the whole food debacle with the fish slop! ;)

  17. connor Murphy

    @richard SF no death can’t erase memories, but he can make your body go numb and knock you out with the death touch…also with the death gaze he can disable security camera’s.

  18. Sterling Rodd

    Oooo! OOOOO!!! It’s the origin story of Bear Boy! FIANLLY!!

    Bear Boy, Bear Boy
    Has the skills all the bears employ
    Smack a trout from a brook
    Eat it raw, never cook
    Look out
    Here comes the Bear Boy!
    Is he mean? Listen, bud:
    They’ve infused him with Evil’s blood
    Is he kind? Does he care?
    Prob’ly not, so beward
    Hey there
    There goes the Bear Boy!
    In the chill of night
    When he’s home in his ‘hood
    He’ll do, out of sight,
    What bears do in the woods!
    Bear Boy, Bear Boy
    Grumpy, violent Bear Boy
    Socially, he’s a dud
    ‘Cause he’s got Evil’s blood
    Look out!
    If any food’s on its way
    ‘Specially if it’s Steak Day
    You’ll find the Bear Boy!

    …Okay, sorry. Too much coffee. (Submits comment anyway)

  19. StoticM

    @Sterling Rodd No. That was a pleasure to read, thank you, very much for that.

  20. connor Murphy

    @Sterling Rodd you earn +1 internet sir

  21. admin

    @ Sterling: OMG hilarious! How long did that take?? lol

  22. Ali

    yay i’ve been reading this comic since 2016 and just found out a way you can comment (please don’t judge me)

  23. Sterling Rodd

    Why, thank you. :) About 5 minutes, I guess. Oh, I’ve long hoped to see interaction between the bears and humans, but I have a feeling that for the sake of the distinction between human and “animal” (as if you– uhh, I mean, WE humans weren’t animals), Bear Boy will have to remain Unconscious Boy until he’s safely put back in Wow-What-a-Weird-Dream-That-Was Land again. :) But I’ll be delighted to be proven wrong. :)

  24. connor Murphy

    @Sterling: damn, now i want a Bear Boy comic that has it be that Bear Boy has some power’s that he acquired from the bears, like prozac’s hulking out, nerd’s intellect, Gay’s muffin baking skills, and evil’s immunity to all poisons! X’D

    Someone make that a side Comic now!! X’DD

  25. Tjimmy1999

    @Sterling Rodd Someone please make an this song official!

  26. Sterling Rodd

    @Tjimmy1999 Well… it… kinda is. :) SFW:

  27. Tjimmy1999

    @Sterling Rodd I meant your version of that song.

  28. Sterling Rodd

    I also want to say that, taken out of the context of a character called “Evil”, everything Lech says in the last panel reads like an REM lyric from the late 80s. :)

  29. TaggertShare

    Oh gees. I guess these Bears still believe in Blood Letting. Someone get Cara a supersized box of tissues.

  30. MicaXIII

    he never planned to survive that confrontation with the lions, did he?

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