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April 15th, 2019

Page 678

I got the ginger complexion (burns like crazy, covered in freckles) but not the red hair :P  Jury’s out on the soullessness part, lol.  If I were truly soul less, how would I know??

No luck last week on the Star Wars derby but you can go vote for ’90s Gamer Brawl’ in this week’s Shirt Woot derby!  The theme is 90s and I don’t get all the references.  All you need to vote is an Amazon account!  Can you guys name all the characters?? :D


  1. T-Shaw

    [Panel 11]

    Really Lech?!

  2. Mr Holiday

    If Evil wasn’t incapacitated, he’d definitely be fetching his Sacrificial knife

  3. Treascair

    Tanked is Not Amused.

  4. Nikary Flare

    “Creepy ginger” xD

  5. connor Murphy

    Crack is a worried boi

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Well, I know that Prozac won’t be happy when he wakes up. That poor kid, though… Also, seriously, Lech? Clearly, you forgot that Tanked can be dangerous- especially when he has no booze. Mind you, that was during a withdrawal, but the point still stands- never mess with a ginger!

  7. Yet Another Brian

    Earth Worm Jim is getting his butt whopped by Laura. I am sad now :(
    Also I am pretty sure Yoshi would not stomp Squirtle.

    Am I showing my age?

  8. Maia

    I started reading this comic 5 days ago and the only thing I’m gonna is that I don’t know how I could live my whole life without it, I really love it

  9. Tjimmy1999

    It’s because Tanked is red that he finds the “creepy ginger” comment offensive, right?

  10. Abdiel

    poor squirtle looks so cute

  11. grim

    the smartest thing to do is just put the child back and hide the green bear for a few days/weeks in the cave and thats it but they are not gonna do that

  12. gridsleep

    Kirby ate Link? Also, would kicking Jim’s suit in the nads do anything? He doesn’t have nads down there. I guess this is the side of Kingdom Hearts that Disney and Square Enix don’t want anyone to see.

  13. Michael Sirius

    This shirt reminds me that there really should be more SEGA characters in Smash

  14. connor Murphy

    The bear’s need to get the kid out of the exhibit as soon as they can.

    a kid going missing at the zoo will be bad for everyone.

  15. Bri

    Haha @ the Cracked scene – cute. x)

    Wow, I find freckles to be so beautiful! It’s a shame when people feel like they need to get rid of them. :( So I’m glad you’ve kept yours, Alison! My dad is Irish and Scottish; although he wasn’t a ginger, I’m sure he has the gene for it … and perhaps me, hee hee. * 3 *

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