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April 8th, 2019

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So, still pretty wintery over here :(

We had one nice afternoon on Sat, and Sun was supposed to be warm and sunny, but then it was cool, overcast, and raining in the evening, with snow in the forecast for early next week…blah!  I’m also sick.  I don’t get sick very often but throat hurts and I’ve lost my voice.  It’s rather hard to get the kids to co-operate when that happens, go figure :P

Star Wars themed week at the Shirt Woot design derby!  All you need to vote is an Amazon account; please go vote for my silly little Tree house designs!  Every vote is super helpful :D ‘Dark Side Club‘ and ‘Light Side Club



  1. connor Murphy

    Oh my, what are the bear’s going to do about the kid?

  2. Filias

    ok, Crack you won the prize for worst choise of the day

  3. T-Shaw

    @connor Murphy
    I have no idea.

  4. BananaHabit

    *internal screaming*

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Man, things keep getting worse. Poor Prozac… Also, Crack, what on Earth were you thinking?! What- you couldn’t have knocked the kid out and just left him sitting near the gift shop or something? I know time was a crunch, but come on!

  6. chasey

    Lol, I called it. He brought the kid home.
    Crack, buddy… I know you panic at the drop of a hat, but, like, you could have easily just left the kid somewhere and fled back home. No one would believe him if he said he saw a bear out and about. “You saw a bear, honey? Of course, there are lots of bears over there in that enclosure!”

  7. Feartheswans

    Whelp, throw him in the lion pit

  8. PATR101

    They sould throw boy to the monkeys, to blame them. And, Crack, you are dead, you know?

  9. connor Murphy

    i don’t know why, but at this moment.

    picture’s of evil saying succulent toddler flesh while trying to roast a kid just popped into my mind?

    god that’s dark!

  10. Jakebe

    It’s nowhere near the same thing, but we’re kind of over the rain we’ve been getting in CA as well. Good luck with the cold; I can’t even imagine how hard that must be when you’re taking care of rambunctious boys at the same time…

    Well, maybe a bit like frazzled Prozac, come to think of it. XD

  11. asebw

    oh no, Prozack’s crashed! Quick! Ctrl + Alt + Del! someone get the recovery disk!

  12. Smoochs

    Quick, put him in the lion’s den (jk)!

    Alison you’ve been working on this webcomic since 2008, do you have voice headcanons for the group at all?

  13. connor Murphy

    @Smoochs, I headcannon that evil has a gravely voice, think a voice akin to the wicked witch from snow white while she was disguised as the old hag.

  14. William Moon

    Love the t-shirts, Also saw that Samuel L Jackson was wearing one of your t-shirts on Instagram this morning!

  15. Bri

    Omg, I had to Google it myself after reading @William Moon’s comment. Here’s the link!!

    & Prozac is demonstrating the very definition of “I can’t”.

  16. Smoochs

    @William Moon
    Aw, congrats on that Alison! :D Unfortunately, he didn’t give any credit to you for the shirt. :c Fortunately, several people in the comments have linked to your stores and I asked him kindly to credit you or link back to one of your stores. c: Sorry if that’s a bother at all, I just hate when artist go uncredited, especially by big name people.

  17. Nicole

    Oh, god! @chasey, I thought for sure you’d be wrong! And Prozac is broken.

    @Smoochs: SLJ purchased or was gifted one of Alison’s tshirts legally I’m sure, then he doesn’t have to credit her work–he may not even know who the artist is. I purchase tshirts at stores all the time and I don’t know who the artists are. So it’s up to use to jump in and point folks towards Alison! <3

  18. Arestina

    Crack!!! You really did it!!!! Stop my screaming
    Pro had lecturing them already 3 pictures and that killed him
    Here his antidepressants won’t help

  19. connor Murphy

    at this point…Prozac has pretty much gone the Shining level’s of madness and anger

  20. Wildeflit

    Evil is voiced by Tom Hiddleston in my head…

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