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April 1st, 2019

Page 676

Welcome to April everyone!  This past weekend was miserably cold and there was freezing rain on Saturday :(  I’ll believe in spring when it actually comes.

On a happier note, ‘Horror Kitties’ won a print at Shirt Woot :D  Thanks for the votes guys, every little bit helps! (I don’t make any income off the comic, shirt royalties on the other hand..) You can find it here on Woot.

TWC vote: it was cold enough this past week I think this marshmallow warms me up (and reflects my general feelings on the weather).


  1. Louie

    Alison, did you ever get that Patreon set up?

  2. chasey

    Oh jeez, Cracked’s gonna make Pro go hulk again. Especially if he says something also insane like that he kidnapped the child that saw him so that he couldn’t tattle…

  3. Tjimmy1999

    @chasey Honestly it’s not that hard to that since anything at this point can set off Prozac.

  4. Sterling Rodd

    “Next time apply it topically…”

    There are a few ways I can imagine him doing that, but none of them you could draw in the comic. :)

  5. T-Shaw

    How many times do these bears mess up just to get lectured by Prozac?

  6. Cha

    It’s the Evil scenario all over again.

  7. connor Murphy

    thing’s seem calm right now….so when does the drama start?

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Crack, for heaven’s sake- don’t do it!

  9. Nicole

    Lord, what’s Vanity so high and mighty about?

    Congrats on the Woot win, Alison! Great design!

  10. chasey

    one question: How the absolute crap does that white couch stay so white? There’s always blood, barf, drool, food and probably more happening all over this place, and yet that couch stays spotless! Incredible!

  11. StoticM

    @Nicole I think he’s miffed about the fact Evil knocked out his ‘apprentice’. Van did seem into it at the time.

  12. chasey

    Oh hey, I just realized page 636 kiiiiinda gives away that the lions aren’t lying and they really dunno what’s going on.

  13. Mr Demon

    Prozac doesn’t know what he’s done.

  14. admin

    @Louie: It’s on my looooong to-do list :(
    @Sterling: snicker!
    @Nicole: thanks :D
    @chasey: lol…I know. We had a white leather couch once, I thought it would be easier to keep that fabric clean. Wrong!
    @StoticM: ;)

  15. gridsleep

    Where’s Jeff the Killer?

  16. connor Murphy

    what’s going to happen…i’m anxious for the next page! :D

  17. Nicole

    @StoticM: Oh, yes. Good point!

  18. Arestina

    Crack, please, it isn`t good time. But it is funny :D and I am very intrest what he had done with child

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