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March 25th, 2019

Page 675

Saw Capt Marvel on the weekend, so much fun!  Though I got the cat thing spoiled on me (a whole bunch of work in progress posts on the t-shirt artist sites :(  One month till Avengers, then Spiderman in July, then I think there’s one untitled movie in 2020? 2021? Will definitely be interesting to see what they have planned next (Loki show on the Disney version of Netflix apparently??)

New shirt design up for voting on Shirt Woot: if you have an Amazon account then you can vote in Woot’s shirt derbies!  Please got vote for ‘Horror Kitties’ :D  Thanks for the support guys!!


  1. Louie

    Just looking ahead, I think we’re in for a lot of character growth with several figures in this chapter. Prozac and Evil in particular, and maybe the rest of the crew involved in the fight. Whatever it is, keep your eyes open. I can sense the shifting tides.

  2. Michael Sirius

    He took all that prozac, yet he still doesn’t look happy

  3. T-Shaw

    (Last Panel) Yes, yes he does.

  4. Tjimmy1999

    Actually Evil it’s the only thing you can do, and that is just sad. You know Prozac, you do a lot of yelling and raging, but not a lot of doing. What exactly did you expect Evil to do in the first place, talk to them?!

  5. Todd Maccarone

    I think, overall, this whole thing/panel has “failure” written over it. Sorry guys- but then again, do things ever go well for the Bears, at first?

  6. Louie

    @Todd Maccarone, no. But if everything went right, we wouldn’t have a good plot line!

  7. Project_Demise

    Prozac rages because he worries. And he worries because he cares.

  8. Treascair

    Aw, Evil… and I notice Gimp has more or less shut down and he’s purely in business mode. ‘Tend to the others, hope they ignore my own problems’… frig, this is heartbreaking…

  9. Nicole

    Prozac in panel 7 is all of us.

    I just want to hug Nerd in panel 2!!!

  10. connor Murphy

    Achievement unlocked: Gay hugged Lech for comfort in the face of Prozac’s wrath. + 100

  11. Bri

    I still wonder if they will talk about Gimp’s eruption … It seems like the bears are acting as if nothing had happened with him. :s

    Evil looks so pitiful to me that it hurts. ; – ; I know he technically made this situation go out of control, but I still feel bad for him. Plus the last comment of his …. sobs. ;; I wonder how this chapter will unfold.

  12. Cha

    @Louie , you wouldn’t have happened to been apart of the TangoWorldWide community, right?

  13. connor Murphy

    @Michael Sirius, mood enhancer’s can only do so much for someone with rage issue’s.

    Also…is Death still in the petting zoo petting the rabbit’s? owo

  14. Hake Feretto

    Haw it’s realy great to see our little Evil alive ( even if I never doubted he will). I’m realy concerned by him actualy and since the last event where he decide to sleep Vanity and Lech for protect them and go deal with the Lions, alone, without talk about it at the others.

    At this moment Evil seemed very concerned by his place and role in his family, like he was tired to be the “bad guy” ” the bear that still cause all problems” so like he have enough to be bad and would try something great for once… but it seem he have miss it and it’s realy him bad, just look at his face when he answer to Prozac we see he talk seriously .

    I hope our blue bear will tell him some reconforting words , he realy need it and it seem Evil’s character is begin to change, no all the character have growth since the begining of the comic and I realy love this evolution.

    I realy love what you doing with your Story Alison, is why I love Bearnuts, cause of how the relationship between all bears change little by little and I hope we’ll have again lot of adventur before the end because when the comic will finish he will realy miss me X{…

  15. Louie

    @Cha… Oh geez, you aren’t who I think you are… right?

  16. Rebecca

    I’m not sure if Gay is holding onto Lech or protecting him? Their relationship is complicated.

  17. connor Murphy

    well…to give evil credit, he know’s where his skills lie.

    his skills lie in pissing people off and that’s a good distraction for operations, also he’s amazing at torture.

  18. connor Murphy

    @Rebecca, it’s really not that complicated…he’s hugging Lech for comfort from Prozac’s Fury.

  19. Zermel

    Is this the part where we get told how the bears all have hero-like super powers? For example: Prozac is obviously the Hulk. Right? Death could be Black Lightning. Evil would absolutely be Hellboy. (First iteration preferably) Can’t judge though haven’t seen the new one yet.

  20. connor Murphy

    @Zermel than which superhero’s would Lech, Gay, Gimp, Nerd, and Crack be?

    Note: Venity would totally be a supervillain because he has the ego of one.

  21. MviluUatusun

    I love it when Prozac Hulks up.

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