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October 29th, 2018

Page 654

So that was an epic weekend… first snow storm of the year on Saturday, kids super busy, two parties and a cooking class, groceries/laundry/errands, Halloween party ended early when Owen had an epic 40 min nose bleed and the rec centre staff got nervous and called an ambulance…had to monitor him all night instead of dropping them off for a sleep over at Nana’s because Jim was AWAY this whole time and I had to go pick him up at 11 pm at the bus stop that night, in a snow storm, at a time when I’d already be asleep…HA HA HA. ¬†Never again.

He did bring me a cheese cake from Uncle Tetsu :)

Vote incentive: a somewhat scary bunny…. ¬†(get it on a tee from Neato!)


  1. connor murphy

    Gay: Why do you have to make everything about your crotch?

    Lech: Cause it’s Awesome!!

    Gay: Well….your not wrong. :D

  2. T-Shaw

    Oh crap…

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Well… This plan fell apart almost as quickly as it was thrown together. Anyone else see this coming?

  4. Chasey

    I think EVERYone saw this coming.

  5. N0083rp00F

    Well everyone but the Bears themselves …. Now lets see what ole KotJ has set up.
    My bananas are on Evil sitting back of the cave under feline watch and it turning out that it was a frame-up.
    Who is actually behind the poisoning?
    Tune in next week to maybe find out what is what but don’t bet on it ….. [insert-evil-laughter-(tm)-here]

  6. Tjimmy1999

    How did none of these bears saw the lion king sitting on that rock?

  7. Abdiel

    This is all part of the plan.

  8. Bri

    LOL @ the last panel.

  9. Rishar

    All I can hear, even though unsaid, from the lion is, “Surprise motherfu****”

  10. Nicole

    Hahahah! So much awesome in this page! :D

  11. Michael Sirius

    Powerful jealous energy emanating from Gay here

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