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November 5th, 2018

Page 655

Woohoo!  Cold and flu season is here!  The kids spent last week cycling through stages of vomiting and staying home from school (Evan won the “honour” of most disgusting mess, all down the side of his bed and the carpet) and then it hit Jim and I on Friday.  I went to parent teacher interviews on Thur night and his teacher was shaking her head: they currently have a stomach bug AND strep throat (and 1 case of lice!) working its way through the classroom.  Kids are disgusting.

New tee for the fall on Shirt Woot:

And a whole bunch of awesome ‘Harry Potter’ themed tees in time for the new movie :)


  1. Bulljiving

    The lioness are very much done with the “king” lol….

  2. Tjimmy1999

    He does realise that he lives in a zoo right? I can’t believe we’ve found someone more pompous and vain than Gay or Lech combined.

  3. Abdiel

    That fall design looks really nice!

  4. connor Murphy

    I feel a vision of the future coming.

    Hmmm…I see Lech Insulting the lead lion and challenging him to see who should be the “King” of the zoo.

    Hnnnnng!…I see Lech getting the crap beat out of him, Wait…i see Gimp taking off his mask and using his cute face to distract the lioness’s.

    Urrrrrgggh!…I see Gay and Nerd finding Evil being tied up and Gay giving fashion advice to the lioness’s and befriending them, I see Nerd grabbing Evil and running out of the lions den like hell.

    One more vision Aggggghhhh!…I see All the bears back at the cave…Prozac’s yelling at Evil, I see Gimp treating Lech’s wound’s the best he can and finally, I see Gay apologizing for saying Lech’s plan to Challenge the lead lion stupid and idiotic.

    That’s my predictions for what will happen over the next three pages. Enjoy! :D

  5. T-Shaw

    Seriously… who is the real king of the zoo? Evil, Lech, the polar bears, or the lions?
    I’m confused.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Those lionesses are so done with the king’s garbage… Am I the only one worried about what happened to Evil?!

  7. mersharr

    Actually, you’re the King of the Savannah.
    No jungles far and wide.

  8. Chasey

    I like that he’s got a god complex even bigger than Lech’s or Gay’s, or the Polars’. Hehe. I can see why everyone else has been calling him an ass.
    I’d like to bet (and would love to see) that lion king’s kept Evil but he’s made him like a servant. “Fetch me my pillow! The king of the jungle wishes to nap in this sunspot! Do it, or I’ll eat you!”

  9. Vausch

    I never understood why lions are “king of the jungle”. They don’t live in jungles. They live in plains and savannahs.

  10. NekoNyan12

    ahhh, finally got caught up. Took me 3 entire days reading a few hours a day to read from the beginning.
    REALLY love the artwork and stories. The comments from the artist are also a nice touch.

  11. Mvilu Uatusun

    For some odd reason, I can hear Fran Drescher’s voice when I read the lioness’s line in the last panel.

  12. gridsleep

    I can’t tell if the lion looks more like Peter Ustinov or Orson Welles. He sounds like a character Vincent Price may have played in the late 1950s.

  13. Czzandra Clark

    I look at this and recall not too long ago a Lioness killed her Mate in Indianapolis.

  14. Nicole Villacres

    @Mvilu Uatusun: YES!!! :D

  15. Michael Sirius

    “king of the jungle” is a weird flex for an animal that doesn’t live in the jungle, but OK

  16. Nila

    (yes i know this is old news…)

    to the male lion. *sings* NOBODY CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARES!!

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