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October 22nd, 2018

Page 653

Busy weekend!  Sam turned 9 (9!  Nearly double digits!) and we ended up having two family reunions plus a birthday party.  I ate waaaaay too much, and spent too much time sitting/driving/not working.  Amazing packed weekends are awesome, but it leads to a stressed out and compacted week :(

New Halloween tee!  With ninjas!!


  1. Smoochs

    Stop teasing my Lech x Gay shipping heart.

  2. T-Shaw

    Holy crap Lech!

  3. BarbWhat


  4. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, if the lions don’t notice them, I’m gonna lose it.

  5. TaggertShare

    Well, no thumbs up for Lech!

  6. DJChris

    Stupid Lech, trying to be the big hero and hog all the glory and look what happened to him now, bruised ego and a broke thumb.

  7. connor murphy

    Oh will Lech and gay just fuck already!!

    They’re clearly gay for each other!

    When will they officially become a couple?

  8. connor murphy

    Gay: Big Stupid Lunk!

    Yeah but he’s your Big Stupid Lunk! <3

    ( I really want this ship to be canon to the comic! )

  9. Nicole Villacres

    OMG Panel 11!

    Gimp in the last 2 panels is the best! :D

    @Alison: I can’t believe Sam is 9!!!

  10. Hake Feretto

    I know its HS but just one question for you Alison, do you intend to upgrade the “Bear Bio” section and add our two bear-girls in ? Because actualy they are still in “?”.

    It was just a little question from a little ferret :3.

  11. Bri

    @ TaggertShare: LMAO. x’D

    Aw, Sam is a big kid! I still can recall when he was just born, and sho~ tiny. :3 It’s insane how quickly time flies as you get older …

  12. admin

    @Nicole: I know!!! How does this happen?? My wittle Sambit is no more :(
    @Hake: sorry, it’s on my huge to do list :( (plus there’s some stuff I want to put on there that hasn’t been revealed about them yet…)

  13. Michael Sirius

    This is the content I like to see

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