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October 15th, 2018

Page 652

Lech to the rescue??  Nothing will go wrong!

Ate too much for Thanksgiving weekend, wasn’t much better this weekend.  Swamped with work lately and spending waaaaay more time sitting than I like.  My rear literally gets sore.  And I always say I’ll take a break and get up every half hour and walk around! Easier said than done.  Our schedule doesn’t look like it’s going to lighten up for a year actually (well more than that).  Current show goes till Dec, then we may get a week off, and the next season is supposed to start right away and last 12 months.  We don’t usually luck out with back to back contracts like this, especially one that will go so long.  AND I’m supposed to start a new contract with the same company doing design work (finally! That part’s my favourite!) that could get going any day now… 20 year old pre-kids me would have been over the moon with the work load and the financial stability and potential career progression it represented… current me is wondering when I’ll sleep.

I need someone to come over and do the kid’s homework with them :P

New Halloween tee: ‘Pumpking’!  And Vote Incentive: some clever zombies


  1. StoticM

    *Cough*…This gon be good.

  2. Abdiel

    What is the name show that you’re working on?

  3. Chasey

    Orrrrr, we could just not do ANY self sacrificing and be smart about thi – oh, right, Lech also corners the market on “being a moron” as well. :p

  4. IReadComic

    Lech no.

  5. Natalie Isley

    oooh boy .-.

  6. Natalie Isley

    This is not gonna end well lol

  7. Hake Feretto

    No blood, no white Furr on the ground, no claw mark and the male ( that always is the first to eat) is certainly in the cave….. well maybe evill is not damaged and just captives in the cave with him that certainly sleep in wait of decide about Evill’s next or… rest..

    They had the advantage of surprise but lech have just breack this last…. guys you all are in the shit now

  8. BarbWhat

    *Lech casually Leeroy Jenkunses into battle*

  9. Todd Maccarone

    So, to recap- Evil’s still in lion paws, the stealth operation has failed and (let’s be honest) Lech is about to make the ultimate ass of himself in the next few panels. Not your best day at the office, bears- something on your collective minds?

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Pages- I meant pages!

  11. TaggertShare

    Good thing there’s a First Aid kit handy.

  12. Nicole

    Oh, Nerd…you’re always supposed to break in the cosplay shoes before the event!

    Lech, you ASSSSSSSS!

    @BarbWhat: Right?!!!

  13. connor murphy

    Well… Time for Gay and Lech to kiss and make up so they can save Evil! ;)

    (For the record i do ship Gay and Lech together)

    They break up every day at 3:00 am then around 2:00 Pm they make up and get back together with each other.

    Let’s be honest people if they were in a relationship it would be exactly like this.

  14. T-Shaw

    Okie dome then.

  15. T-Shaw

    Alrighy then.

  16. Nicole Villacres

    @T-Shaw: My thoughts exactly.

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