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May 21st, 2018

Page 631

It’s either the pollen nightmarescape outside, or I’ve got a cold or something: constant coughing and tiredness, overeating, body soreness… blah!  It’s finally nice out and I don’t have the energy to run :(

Vote Incentive: doggie sketches for a commission, fun project :)

My ’80s Friends’ tee design got 3rd in the 80s themed derby!!  You get that on on Woot (can you name all the characters??)


  1. T-Shaw

    That last panel though. Vanity’s “we mean business” face.

  2. Goma2003

    coy evil.

  3. Shenny


    Also Nerd as a pony? o_O

  4. Project_Demise

    Nerd pony?

  5. MicaXIII

    “Lech, you and me, we have Bro Time. But right now is Torture Time, and this kid is my apprentice.”

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Even Lech has standards, it seems. He won’t go yanking teeth out… Hopefully.


    He didn’t answer. Get the pliers.

  8. The Flaming Git

    Vanity is enjoying this wayyyyy to much me thinks.

  9. Mel

    Is that a “cake or death” reference? ;)

  10. Abdiel

    Why did Evil call the monkey Monotone and Monochrome? Also, his banana logic is infallible.

  11. Richard SF

    Um, has Evil asked any questions yet? Also yeah it’s the Pollen-acolypse- the planet doesn’t want us around anymore and is attempting to pollen us to death.

  12. Hake Feretto

    I think our monkey will talk without torture… hear all of them talk is already one !

  13. 80teeth

    Vanity as Evils protege can only lead to bad things. I love it. please continue

  14. Patrick

    Since you asked if I could name them, starting form the left: Astro Boy, Rainbow Bright, Red the Fraggle, Moosel the Wuzzel, The Black Lion from Voltron, Alvin the chipmunk, Jem, Denis the Menace, A Ninja Turtle, She-Ra: Princess of Power, Tummi Gummi, Cobra Commander holding a Snork, Battle Cat staring down at a Smurph, Slimer eating Dale the chipmunk from “Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers”, Muppet Baby Kermit, Sunshine Bear from Care Bears, a Smurph staring up at Battle Cat, Lion-O, My Pet Monster playing with Bumble Bee from transformers (the small yellow car), and finally what appears to be a My Little Pony unicorn that loves hot dogs. I had look up the name of that exact gummy bear and the Wuzzel, the rest was entirely from memory.

  15. Jason

    This one of my favorite panels from this site and I love the 80’s collage as well . I knew them al but the wuzzle and and the gummi bear but as battle cat is not transformed he’s technically Cringer and I think the My Pet Monsters name was Monzie (sp?).

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