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May 14th, 2018

Page 630

Happy Belated Mother’s Day :)  I guess this page is kind of good timing for Scoop junior to make an appearance, or perhaps it’s more of a big brother mentorship.  Or Evil just wants someone to carry stuff for him and do all the grunt work: did unpaid internship at an animation studio, I’ve had more than enough photocopying experience then I will ever need.

Vote Incentive: more 80s Transforming fun :D

So the human training isn’t going great (darn kids still keep acting like children) but you can get my dog training design from Woot :)


  1. Vausch

    Awwww. Little evil in training! Jump for it Vanity, jump!

  2. Abdiel

    What would Evil and Vanity’s team name be?

  3. Shenny


  4. Francis-Olivier

    Dear god will this torture ever end? That monkey must be so lost right now.

    @Shenny Also I second that name.

  5. chasey

    Ha. He’s sooooo jealous.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Wait… Lech would’ve helped with this? I know Team Lecherous Evil is a thing, but still… Also, Vanity being Evil’s apprentice confirmed. What’s gonna happen next?

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Also, the third-to-last panel- Vanity’s face is priceless!

  8. Sterling Rodd

    @Abdiel Well, I would go with “Evil Van-Evel”. :)

    I suspect there’s a sad half-ursine little monkey wandering around the primate compound somewhere. :)


    I was worried that some of the bears weren’t on board with the idea of torture.

  10. Hake Feretto

    Lech want participe at the session only for protect his “embarassing secret” he is here by pure interest without honnesty !

    I wonder what is that secret I’m curious to know it….( maybe something “non-virile” and he wants nobody to know …)

  11. Sarfy

    I doubt Prozac would appreciate it, but awwww, little Vanity’s an Evil in training! And Lech is jealous. xD

  12. T-Shaw

    Panel 12: Well…why not?

  13. Nicole

    Man! Lech’s face in panel 11 is pure and utter contempt! lol!

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