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May 7th, 2018

Page 629

Not sure when I’ll get the chance to go see Avengers, having trouble trying to avoid half the internet Lol, plus all the tee designers keep posting spoiler designs in the artist groups, I’m so out of the loop :P

And I think Evil needs some quiet reflection time, maybe yoga would help.

Vote incentive: a little late May the 4th fun!

Silly cat design for cat lovers: Teepublic prints tees, mugs, pillows, etc as well.


  1. T-Shaw

    Interrupted by Lech.

  2. Siraj

    The more this goes on, the more I’m utterly fascinated by introspective Evil. It makes me worry for the poor guy. He needs a hug and cookies.

  3. Vausch

    Do you though, Evil? Nothing is really stopping you from just being a nicer person and you usually do come up with these schemes of your own volition.

    Who wants to bet that monkey recognises Lech?

  4. Kath

    Well Prosac did give his blessings.

  5. Hake Feretto

    Ho ?? What is that ?? I found that evil is very strange in this arc, as a bot that have some bug or latence, it seem that he doubt of himself actually and hesitate between be mad or be good :o.
    Poor evil I wonder what’s going on in your little brain right now…

    maybe you begins to be tired of being always the one accused of all the problems (even if it is true you are responsible for half of them …), or you are sick of being the one who plays the role of the villain of history…

    But actually we can only wait&see

  6. Todd Maccarone

    It’s weird that I want to hug Evil, but this introspection is interesting. Also, the “happy place” poster- love it!

  7. Nicole

    Aw, Evil…what’s the matter, lil’ guy?

    I think this is the first time I’ve felt actual concern for him!

  8. MicaXIII

    I just wanna give Evil a hug.

  9. gridsleep

    Does Evil have a touch of epilepsy?

  10. Abdiel

    So is Evil’s enthusiasm just an act?

  11. MoreEvil

    Evil just realized inflicting pain onto others out of necessity – or worse, the greater good – takes away the fun out of it.

    Not to worry though. I’m sure when he’s done extracting the information, a little extra torture just for the heck of it will cheer him right up.

  12. Hake Feretto


    As you tell but maybe that as for Crack this arc will cause a little “changment” in his brain :

    -another way to respond to his “desires”
    -another way of proceeding in his “hobby”

    But all of that without damaging his habits or his personnality because after all, an Evil that is not Evil will certainly breack the character .

    So I can’t wait to see how this arc will evolve ^^

  13. Peanutbutter

    Forgot Lech has a “thing” for one of the monkeys yea?

  14. Nila

    Evil didn’t choose this kind of life…
    It was forced onto him in…
    & was all he could to stop the fear~

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