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April 30th, 2018

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I won’t get to see Avengers for another couple of weeks :(  But I have a superhero themed side sale right now at Woot (until May 4th) with 25 different designs of kid friendly hero tees like those above.

And if you have an Amazon account please go VOTE for my entry in this week’s design derby (theme: the 80s) Can you name every character???  Voting closes on Thur morning I think!  I should probably figure that out…


  1. Vausch

    Yes he is, Monkey. That’s all the more reason to talk while you still can! IF you take too long he might sever your vocal cords and you’ll lose the opportunity.

  2. Proto Persona

    So the only one I don’t know already is the unicorn with a hot dog on the flank. Google is failing me too.

  3. T-Shaw

    Evil: Crazy=Genius!

  4. K. Iceclaw

    You’re just figuring that out?

  5. Feartheswans

    @Proto Persona My Little Pony

  6. Erin Weinstock

    Caught every ref. but I have to say the Astro Boy one was a surprise. Never knew until looking at it’s wiki, it had a series during that decade.

  7. Abdiel

    Evil is miffed that the monkey didn’t appreciate his joke.

  8. Magus

    Astro boy, Rainbow Brite, Red (fraggle rock), Mooseal (wuzzles), Voltron, Alvin, Jem, She-Ra, Dennis, TMNT, Tummy (gummy Bears), All-Star (snorks), Cobra Commander, Cringer (He-Man), slimmer (eating Dale), Kermit (muppet babies), Funshine Bear, Smurfs, Lion-o (thundercats), MLP, My pet monster, bumblebee (transformers). I think i got them all, man i loved 80’s cartoons.

  9. Annonymouse

    Got every one of them and thought – there are a few missing – my faves at the time were – Duckula – Rescue Rangers – Duck Tails – Dungeon & Dragons [duh] – Beetle Juice – Real Ghostbusters – Blackstar – Thundarr – Ulysses 31 [it was in french] – ….. wow there were a whole lot of decent shows back then.

    Then there is the list of infamy and best forgotten but like a ketchup stain on our psyche they leave their mark – Teddy Ruxpin – Ghostbusters – Heathcliff – Laverne & Shirley in the Army …. man this list goes on and on … there were a lot of really bad shows that decade as well.

    Most of the stuff now is flash animation, and bad animation at that. It would make HB proud.

  10. Taggert Share

    I appreciate Evil’s humor about “A Barrel of Monkeys”. As kids we played that game a lot. For monkeying around the Monkeys become a target for Bears to play games with. This could almost make me an Evil fan.

  11. Todd Maccarone

    Barrel of Monkeys joke- genius! Still, I am getting more concerned about Vanity taking notes from Evil… Also, I’ll probably regret this, but what were methods 3 and 4 of persuasion?

  12. mehdi

    I never heard of this barrel of monkey before, but I laughed at these guidelines thing.

  13. Trolldrool

    Calling Evil psycho is kind of stating the obvious. It’s like accusing an elephant of being large and I doubt it’ll accomplish anything beyond being a gesture of futile defiance.

  14. CorvusCorone68

    i just realized something about the previous strip, the “anaconda tank” could mean an exhibit at the zoo where the anacondas are, i dunno why i assumed it was a torture device that Evil was referring to

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