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April 23rd, 2018

Page 627

New Dream Team??

Got another design with a chance of placing in the latest Shirt Woot derby (theme: Women! ┬áRather up my alley :) ┬áPlease go VOTE for ‘Ladies Night’, all you need is an Amazon account :D


  1. Faiz

    Now this is really HIM!

  2. DXshade

    The middle finger

  3. Shade2075

    By far the most evil and diabolical thing that can be done on a weekly updating comic and it was evil who did it. Though really ending with ‘AND…’ is just down right diabolical.

  4. T-Shaw

    This is an EVIL interrogation.

  5. chasey

    Vanity’s having too much fun. :p

  6. Hake Feretto

    I wonder if its a good idea to let Vanity become the disciple of Evil….

    But I think that Prozac have request him for have an eyes on Evil’s method and report them in case of abuse (after all Vanity is again an “innocent” bear child and he is not effraid to speaks honestly and spontaneously, even if its vex at peoples in front of him)

    But again one thing, for this “torture” I think that Death would be perfect too with his powers (after all he has been affected too by the poison!)

    Now we will see what will habened to the victim in next chapter :o

  7. Todd Maccarone

    I don’t know what’s more concerning- Evil mentioning the anaconda tank, or Vanity learning Evil’s ways… Potentially.

  8. Gabriel Mercer

    And? And what? What else are you going to do to that monkey Evil? Isn’t the anaconda tank bad enough? Oh stupid question. Just remembered the eye scooping cravings. Of course the anaconda tank isn’t enough.

  9. Bri

    Ooh hoo hoo I love this page. *___* Evil at his finest. Can’t wait for next week!

  10. gridsleep

    No Squirrel Girl?

  11. beet red

    hey Allison,how old are the bears in bear years or human years? Also, what happned to Biohazard, he seemed like such a cute bear?

  12. admin

    @beet red: I would say the ages vary a bit, Prozac and Death feel the oldest to me (or maybe just most ‘mature’?) and Nerd/Vanity are on the other end.
    Biohazard was kind of amalgamated into Crack who is already a hypochondriac so I really didn’t need two like that.

  13. YetAnoutherBrian

    @Alison, What are the rules for Evil’s pupils? Some times they are Tiny and other times large, but there does not seem to be a pattern.

  14. Abdiel

    Waterboard him in a barrel of beer like they did to Tanked.

  15. Nicole

    @YetAnoutherBrian: The pupil thing happens with all the bears. For example, Tanked in your avatar! I am very interested in Alison’s answer! It seems to be emotion-driven, imo. The more intense the emotion, we lose the iris and go down to just the pupil. But this page doesn’t really adhere to that. Hm.

  16. admin

    @YetAnoutherBrian: As Nicole mentioned, stronger emotions/intensity pops with the pointy eyes. As Evil’s emotions tend to be erratic at times, his eyes change the most (along with Crack).

  17. YetAnoutherBrian

    Thanks Alison and Nicole. I guess I notice it on evil most. Also I was comparing him to Vanity whose eyes always seem big. I take that as he is being as cute as possible at all times.

  18. Nicole

    @YetAnoutherBrian: you can see Vanity being pointy here: Ewwww!

  19. CorvusCorone68

    anaconda tank? how do they fit that in the bear caves? anacondas are one of if not the largest species of snake

  20. CorvusCorone68

    yeh just googled it, anacondas are largest by weight and 2nd longest

  21. Uzoma Michael Ahamef Uwanamodo

    Wow, I would’ve never have guessed the Discount Zoo was a CIA black site

  22. Nila

    as Bane once said- “I’m necessary evil”
    Which Evil the bear is actually being here~

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