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April 16th, 2018

Page 626

This page is in honour of Stitch :)

So it’s APRIL 15/16th and I’m shovelling ice off the steps.  I feel like we’ve permanently shifted the seasons or something.  Last September was brutally hot (the city had to turn back on all the public splash pads after turning them off at the end of Aug) and apparently this Sept/Oct will probably also trend that way?  Do we get used to the idea that spring doesn’t happen till May now, and fall will start in mid Oct??

Vote Incentive: more Stitch!  That movie needs a better sequel… (and you can get the design on a shirt from Neatoshop)


  1. Vausch

    I know evil has a tormented past but I can’t help but wonder what the longing look at the ol’ scooper suggests.

  2. All

    I am curious what he means by “I didn’t make me, I just put myself back together again.” Curious what that’s about.

  3. Vausch

    @All in his backstory Evil was kinda tortured as a circus bear before he finally cracked and burned the place to the ground.

    Y’know in all this I’m realising Vanity just genuinely complimented Evil. That’s a first, isn’t it?

  4. Nonsens

    Apparently Alison is quite educated about the tools that could be used for such occasions. Those small details are always super-cute.

  5. CorvusCorone68

    the lil monkey had better start praying that the Man in the Yellow Hat is looking for him, cuz at this rate it looks like Will Ferrell will have to find another gig

  6. Hake Feretto

    Evil seem very thoughtful here, its the first time that I see this part of him , and more surprised he literaly… speack nicely with… Vanity ?? And he have choose him as his assist ?? Maybe we will see a new evil in this arc ( or not because… its Evil!)

    Other thing its that each time that Evil speack of Prozac he his strangly sad and in peace, I know that evil respect Death and Prozac because they are the strongers bear of the family but… his relationship with Prozac is really strange as if he search to be valorized by him and we can’t forgot that the one time or evil have do excuse its to Prozac.

    I don’t really know what Evil search to prove here but this arc and his Title “Evil Undone” really catch me, maybe we will see an other part of evil’s personality, a part that he always Hide to other. I really can’t wait for the next ^^

  7. Ghostgurlgamer

    Getting a HUGELY Hannibal vibe from Evil there.

    “Nothing happened to me, Officer Starling. I happened. You can’t reduce me to a set of influences.”

  8. Todd Maccarone

    A deeper look at the enigma that is Evil… Nice. Also, the monkeys finally pay!


    I rememember why I like this comic so much now.

  10. K. Iceclaw

    The apology is cute.

  11. Richard SF

    The Seasons have gone weird even here in CA. Also tell Evil to leave my rain gear alone.

  12. Siraj

    I really like how… introspective Evil got there. It’s heartbreaking, yes, but… damn, it’s fascinating.

  13. IWX

    Hmm. Just an intimidation tactic? Have the the monkey wake up in the middle of them discussing all the torture devices so they don’t actually have to use them? Evil would probably love to physically torment him, but Prozac did say, “no maiming.” Psychological warfare is still something I’d expect him to enjoy.

  14. Gesund

    No comments on the Pear of Anguish in the background?…and he made it too.

  15. Hake Feretto

    But one thinh is sure…. Evil is really cute here with his big eyes and his interrogative look.
    Finaly when you want you are not so bad Evil *hug*

  16. Calvsie

    I am disturbed at the fact the monkey is wearing an identical face to my nephews angry face.

  17. Raq

    Sooo wish this could be an animated series of some kind some day. The more these stories and characters get deeper the more I like them. Evil is like the character we all want to love and give a hug, but know we shouldn’t.

  18. Abdiel

    I predict he’ll do something to Vanity and then tell the monkey he’s next if he doesn’t start talking.

  19. BarbWhat

    This only reminds me of the fact that it’s been 10 gorillion years and we STILL dont know Death’s origin story.

  20. T-Shaw

    Interigation time.

  21. All

    @Vausch I don’t remember that, been awhile since I backtracked. I might have too now.

  22. admin

    @Gesund: He’s really very good with his hands ;)

  23. Sterling Rodd

    Can’t trust primates.

  24. Kaly

    I think it’s been Vanity the whole time.

  25. Nicole

    That monkey better start prayin’.

  26. Bri

    This is going to be an interesting arc, I can tell. So much hype!

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