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March 5th, 2018

Page 620

I remember doing a small sewing project in home ec class back in grade 9? 10?  Not my strength.  I can’t even remember what we did in that class in general, other than one time we made apple crisp and almost missed the bus because the teacher said we had to stay till it came out of the oven.  It was a generally useless class that I’m not sure is even a thing anymore?  A life skills class about budgeting and taxes would be so much better.

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  1. Vausch

    “CONFISCATE” is the most powerful sound effect ever.

    Also if the girls find out what those are, I’m foreseeing an arse kickin’ in Evil’s future.

  2. tripleqmark

    Gay and Lech are surprisingly chummy considering they were all over each other when they went into the bathroom.

  3. luuv_r✘

    Voodoo & Evil = No Good

  4. T-Shaw

    That’s just great. Evil uses voodoo on Gay, then on one the polar bears(Steven), now he plans on making voodoo dolls of Sara and Cara. Anyone else he hasn’t tortured yet?

    Actually he tortures almost everybody, well his clone did the most.


    The onomatopoeia is odd on this page I must say.

  6. Shenny

    At first I thought he was saying he was out of hair, as in to put in the voodoo dolls. But that’s likely not the case.

  7. Siraj

    I could go for a plushie Death, just saying.

  8. Kath

    Yes plushie Tanks and Gimps ! Omg could you see them at Build a bear?

    ” i want an Evil bear Mummy!!” “Daddy how come he has a zipper over his mouth? ” “Does my daughters Tank bear come with a refillable beer mug?”

    Just saying.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Well, Evil’s not yet found guilty of the sickness, but at least he was caught doing something bad- the voodoo dolls! …maybe he used voodoo dolls to make someone else do the contamination of the water? It could happen!

  10. Sterling Rodd

    @Shenny — Yeah, that’s just what I misread, too. :D The rules of the game here really stick with you…

    Hey, Evil. Define “behaving”. :)

  11. TaggertShare

    I like Evil’s red eye look. So… is he a Louisiana Bear? By the way I have been to New Orleans. It’s a wonderful place to visit, even Bourbon Street. As for Plushies? I would love a Cara one!

  12. Hake Feretto

    With Evil’s face I’m still not convinced that he is responsible.

    Because here we can see that, aside from the vodoo doll, Evil does not seem to know about the contamination.

    In addition itch time that Evil prepares a bad blow he always hide somewhere or else it claims that it is not him, but there he is nicely seated out, where any bear can find him without problem.

    If he is really responsible he would have doubted that he would be accused of it and that someone certainly come for that and so he would not have exhibited himself like that and still less with suspicious tools.

    And we must not forget that Evil is much more resistant and immune to the toxic / poisoned substance which would explain why it is the only one to not be affected by vomiting.

    So I don’t know why but I’m convinced that this time Evil is innocent ( but I can have all false too because after all…… it’s Evil!!)

  13. Shade2075

    I get the feeling evil isn’t behind this and will regret that someone beat him to it.

  14. Abdiel

    Anyone seeing Evil for the first time would think he was harmless and gentle

  15. Evilbob dA

    … Home Economics isn’t about… home economics? I mean, budget and taxes are kinda economics of the home… right? Not sure what baking apple crisp has anything to do wit…

    Ok! OK! Geez. Stop throwing shoes at me.

  16. Bri

    Cara in the last panel: TOO CUTE! <3

    Also, CONFISCATE. Love it as an onomatopoeia haha.

  17. Bry

    aside from the fact he appears to be making voodoo dolls (or so they appear to be, considering Evil says “hobby” for all we know theyre plushies he plans to give everyone), everything seems…normal w/ Evil. i mean, i figured he wasnt involved, but this is still a first…

  18. admin

    @Shenny: :) I suppose it could be taken either way…
    @Siraj: sigh- me too!
    @Kath: That would be awesome, I would have so much fun coming up with accessories! Fanny pack for sure…
    @Taggert: What’s a Louisiana bear? Is that a specific sub species or something?
    @Evilbob: Exactly! I hope the curriculum has expanded since I was in high school.

  19. chase

    Okay, now I’m not too sure Evil is behind this since he would LOVE to be able to see the aftermath of his schemes, and he was nowhere to be found when everyone was barfing out their guts out.

  20. WhiteGamingBunny

    I’m actually glad it seems to not be Evil! (I kinda figured it might not be, since he was not shown directly doing anything from the start and it seemed too easy to assume it was going to be him.) A new source of the daily issue at the ill-fated Discount Zoo is refreshing and interesting.

    I saw someone else guess in the last week’s comic that it might be Sloth, and while I’d love to see him again, it would be a shame to just use him as an antagonist. I hope someday he can rejoin the bears… he frankly didn’t get treated fairly last time, since no one even acknowledged he was there when they found Evil, and even though he was once one of them, he is the only bear not given the “family” treatment by Prozac.

    I have a strong feeling poor Sloth won’t appear again, though, if only because it seems almost no one even remembers him anymore. Sadly, I’m probably the only one who want him to be a main character. -,-

    as for speculation, my guess is it’s an unintentional effect of something else, as the only logical culprit(s) I can think of do not seem to possess the capability to sabotage a water supply.

  21. Hake Feretto

    I only see now why Gay and Lech laughing in the 2nd panel…. the hear of Vanity with vomit forms a D**k or it’s my brain who is twisted.

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